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Holiday Party 2016 - Thursday, December 8th

The Explorers Club and The House Committee cordially invite members and their guests to our year-end Holiday Party on Thursday, December 8th. Enjoy the festive holiday spirit in our beautiful Headquarters building, which is decorated for the season. Socialize with old friends…meet new friends…sing holiday songs…drink eggnog…or plan your next expedition. Cocktails and dinner will be served.

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Special Event - "Spaceman" with Mike Massimino - Friday, December 9th

We are proud to welcome Club Fellow Mike Massimino for the launch of his new book, Spaceman. Mike will share stories of his life as an astronaut with Club Members & Guests, and will also take questions from the audience. Mike served as a NASA Astronaut from 1996-2014, flying in space twice and walking in space four times for the final two Hubble Telescope servicing missions. He was the first person to tweet from space and the last to work inside of Hubble.

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Public Lecture Series with Ralph Naranjo - Monday, December 12th

Exploration Under Sail - Expeditionary voyaging in small craft still holds great promise, and Ralph Naranjo, author of The Art of Seamanship, raises compelling reasons to follow in the wake of Cook, Wilkes and Darwin. But he also alludes to the three big challenges inherent in small craft voyaging—a need to balance crew skill, enhance the seaworthiness of your vessel and understand the constraints posed by the sea.

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Film Screening: “Unchartered Amazon” - Wednesday, December 14th

The Las Piedras River is the longest watershed in the Peruvian Madre de Dios, the headwaters of the Amazon Rainforest. This vast wilderness contains some of the highest biodiversity on earth, as well as 'uncontacted' nomadic indigenous tribes. “Unchartered Amazon” explores the wildlife of the Las Piedras River, focusing on the hard to see species, the unique features of this forest, as well as the threats facing it. The film we be accompanied by its executive producer, the naturalist, explorer, author, and award winning wildlife filmmaker Paul Rosolie.

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Public Lecture Series with Colin O’Brady - Monday, January 9th

Colin O’Brady will focus on his most recent world-record achievements. On May 27th, 2016 Colin broke two mountaineering world records; the speed records for both the Seven Summits (132 days) and the Explorers Grand Slam (139 days), climbing the tallest mountain on each continent and skiing the last degree of latitude to the North and South Poles. These world records were part of a larger venture coined BEYOND 7/2- a project aiming to raise awareness and charitable funds to inspire kids to get outdoors and lead active, healthy lives.

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No Public Lecture - Club Closed - MLK Day

The Explorers Club is closed on Monday, January 16th, in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. We will resume regular operating hours on Tuesday, January 17th at 9:00 am.

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Public Lecture Series with Marc Meyers - Monday, January 23rd

Together with two Brazilian officers (Cols. Hiram and Angonese) and an American colleague (Jeffrey Lehmann), Marc Meyers followed the epic journey of Roosevelt and Rondon on its centennial, starting in the Paraguay River, going up to Sepotuba River, crossing the Pareci Plateau on mule back and foot, and going down the River of Doubt by canoe and kayaks.

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Public Lecture Series with Scott Solomon - January 30, 2017

What is the future of human evolution? Scott Solomon will provide an entertaining and accessible overview of the forefront of research on human evolution happening in modern times. Once considered the exclusive domain of science fiction, recent scientific advances now make it possible to use what we know about our past and our present to make meaningful predictions about our evolutionary future. Indeed, an explosion of information about the human genome, an emerging understanding about the complex role of microorganisms in our health, and the many changes that have come with modernization provide insights into our ongoing evolution.

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Public Lecture Series with Robert Perkins - Monday, February 6th

For over 35 years, Robert Perkins has canoed the tundra wilderness of one particular river: The Great Fish River in Canada, north of Yellowknife. With a minimum of technology, Perkins creates a vivid sense of the tundra, the people of the Great Fish River, its history, and environmental concerns. The stories are interwoven with personal experience of solo canoeing on a great arctic river to create an evening, not about a place, but the experience of a place.

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Public Lecture Series with Shem Guibbory and Dorit Donoviel - Monday, February 13th

A family collaboration between MET Opera violinist, Shem Guibbory, and his niece, Dr. Dorit Donoviel, from the Baylor College of Medicine Center for Space Medicine. Together, they will explore creativity and risk-taking in music and medicine as humanity readies to send explorers to deep space.

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No Public Lecture - Club Closed - President’s Day - Monday, February 20th

The Explorers Club is closed on Monday, February 20th, in honor of President's Day. We will resume regular operating hours on Tuesday, February 21st at 9:00 am.

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Public Lecture Series with Stephen A. Smith - February 27, 2017

Into the Thick of It: Expeditions into the Arctic Ice Pack - Sea ice is the stuff of legendary adventure, a cryospheric barrier that has long kept the Arctic isolated from the rest of the world. Stephen A. Smith is a filmmaker and expedition leader with over 30 years of self-propelled travel over and through those frozen seas. Find out why the world needs sea ice, and what makes the story of the changing Arctic ice pack worthy of front-page reporting.

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Public Lecture Series with Bob Brier - Monday, March 13th

In the 19th century three massive obelisks left Egypt bound for Paris, London, and New York. The engineers entrusted with transporting “Cleopatra’s Needles” had to invent new methods to transport these granite monoliths, and it was far from certain that they would succeed. It took the French four years to lower, transport and erect their obelisk. In this lecture, Bob Brier tells how obelisks were quarried and raised in ancient Egypt and then recounts the remarkable adventures involved in bringing the three obelisks across oceans to their new homes.

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Public Lecture Series with Tristan Gooley - Monday, March 20th

How to Read Water: Clues, Signs & Patterns from Puddles to the Sea - From wild swimming in Sussex to wayfinding off Oman, via the icy mysteries of the Arctic, natural navigator and bestselling author, Tristan Gooley, draws on his own pioneering journeys to reveal the secrets of ponds, puddles, rivers, oceans and more to show us all the skills we need to read the water around us.

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Public Lecture Series with Ryan Pyle - Monday, March 27th

Sparsely populated and spanning more than 1.6 million square kilometers of desert, river basins, mountains, and grasslands, the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region has had a turbulent history. Many of the events that have occurred there during the last 2500 years have been inextricably associated with its geographical position in northwest China, at a crossroads linking Europe and Asia. Traversed by branches of the series of trade routes that formed the ancient Silk Road, the region has been fought over and controlled by a succession of warlords and empires. Join Ryan as he spends nearly a decade exploring AND documenting the ancient footsteps in shifting sands in China’s remote northwest.

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Exciting Updates for Night of the Sea Turtle

Night of the Sea Turtle is right around the corner and shaping up to be a truly one of a kind evening. You can click here to purchase tickets online.

In addition to the incredible line up of speakers announced last week — including STC Executive Director David Godfrey, National Geographic Emerging Explorer David Gruber (who discovered biofluorescent Sea Turtles), and the Earthwatch Institute — we have also added a ton of other exciting elements to the evening.

We are thrilled to announce that bidding is open for the Silent Auction! Please visit our auction website and enjoy looking through a sampling of the event’s items, including everything from Turtle Christmas Tree ornaments to a stay at the Four Seasons Nevis - with airfare!

Remembering Dr. Fred Roots

We are deeply saddened by the passing of our colleague, friend, and most recent recipient of The Explorers Club Medal, Dr. Fred Roots. Our thoughts are with those who knew him, particularly our Canadian Chapter Members, who had the distinct honor of working closely with him. Canadian Chapter Chair Ray Hyland MI’12 and Cathie Hickson FI’04 shared the following words with us, which we would like to share with the broader Explorers Club community.

The Explorers Club Announces Adventure Canada & Kensington Tours as Official Travel Partners

Today, The Explorers Club has forged official travel partnerships with Arctic expedition cruise company Adventure Canada, and worldwide travel leader Kensington Tours. Together, the partners will provide The Explorers Club’s international membership with exceptional travel experiences in the world’s most remote, wild, and riveting places.

“We are thrilled to have Adventure Canada and Kensington Tours join the Club as our official travel partners” says Ted Janulis, President of The Explorers Club. “Both companies are at the forefront of experiential travel and directly align with the Club’s foundational ideal—that it is vital to preserve and foster our instinct to explore.”

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