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NYC - Public Lecture Series featuring Charles W. Johnson - 4/27/2015

Based on the new book "ICE SHIP: The Epic Voyages of the Polar Adventurer Fram" by Charles W. Johnson, this presentation follows the life-story of one of the most famous polar ships of all time, the Norwegian vessel Fram, active from 1892-1914. The lecture covers the ship’s conception, innovative construction, and three remarkable expeditions to both the Arctic and Antarctic, under three famous – but very different – commanders.

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NYC - Public Lecture Series featuring Shannon Galpin - 05/04/2015

Mountain to Mountain - A Journey Through Afghanistan - Shannon Galpin has worked in and explored Afghanistan throughout 19 visits in the past six years, by bicycle, motorcycle, horseback, skis, and by foot. She has created a number of projects through her non profit, Mountain2Mountain to empower women and girls. The first person to mountain bike in Afghanistan, a country that does not allow girls to ride, Shannon has pushed gender boundaries and supported projects with artists, athletes, and activists.

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Around and Over with Erden Eruç

Erden recently completed the first solo circumnavigation by human power which took 5 years and 11 days. What started as a simple idea in 1997, tracing his finger across a world map hanging on the wall while working in a software development lab, would become his quiet obsession. An unfortunate accident which claimed the life of Göran Kropp while rock climbing together in eastern Washington in September of 2002, finally put him in motion. “Life is short, get on with it” was the message. He is teaming up with Australian and British partners in May 2015 to take his rowboat from New York to Gallipoli in Turkey. This will commemorate the Centenary of Gallipoli Campaign.

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NYC - Public Lecture Series feat. William Grassie - 05/11/2015

Typically, science is taught as separate specializations, and history is divided into different time periods and geographic regions. Big History is unique in the integration of all these different specializations, periods, and regions into a single narrative account of the 13.8 billion-year history of our universe, the 4.5 billion-year evolution of our planet, the 6 million-year rise of our species, and the 10,000-year accelerating drama of human civilization. For the first time, humans now have a common story that transcends all of our ethnic, linguistic, religious, and ideological differences. The meaning of this new Big History, however, is an open question.

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Pluto-Palooza - NASA's New Horizons Mission to Pluto

Pluto-Palooza New York at The Explorers Club features Principal Investigator Dr. Alan Stern, leader of the mission team; Cathy Olkin, Deputy Project Scientist; Marc Buie, New Horizons Co-Investigator; and Tiffany Finley, who as an undergraduate helped design, build and test the Student Dust Counter and is now a member of the Science Operations Team. Together they will present a dynamic and richly-illustrated overview of the mission and the men and women who make it possible, leaving time for interaction and one-on-one encounters.

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NYC - Public Lecture Series feat. Dr. George Veni - 05/18/2015

Karst—Explore the Hidden Quarter of Planet Earth - Simply the most fascinating, weirdly beautiful, and least known landscape on Earth, karst covers about 25% of the globe’s land area but few have heard of it. Fewer know what it is. Join us as Explorers Club Fellow Dr. George Veni, Executive Director of the National Cave and Karst Research Institute, will guide us through the boons and challenges of caves and karst areas around our planet—and others!

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Public Lecture Series featuring Sam Mehta - 6/1/2015

The Silk Road, often referred to as the backbone of history, was a nexus of trade routes that ran from Western China into the Middle East, through Persia and into the Mediterranean. The 5,000-mile route of the ancient Silk Road traveled through more than a dozen countries, crossing some of the most spectacular and inaccessible regions on earth. Sam will cover one of those countries in his presentation – Ancient Persia and modern Iran. He will share images of his journey along the Silk Road in Iran including Teheran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd and Persepolis.

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Public Lecture Series featuring Zoltan Takacs - September 14th, 2015

Nature-to-Medicine — Venoms of the Earth's deadliest animals, from the Sahara to the Pacific, from the Amazon to the Himalayas are the source of medicine's top life saving medications. They treat heart attack, heart failure, diabetes and other diseases. Join scientist and National Geographic Emerging Explorer Dr. Zoltan Takacs on real-life adventures into the most remote frontiers of the world in search of venoms, then watch how those venoms are turned into future leads for medicine with cutting-edge genomics. Be ready to ride camels, sleep in hammocks, and team up with exotic tribes. We'll tackle pirates and malaria, face elephants and crocodiles ― the only way of getting hold of nature's million-years-old blueprints for medicine.

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Public Lecture Series featuring Mark Evans - September 21st, 2015

Arabia Felix: on the trail of a forgotten explorer — In the 1930s, thanks to the exploits of Lowell Thomas and T E Lawrence of Arabia, the western world was obsessed with Arabia; the Rub Al Khali, or Empty Quarter, was considered the largest expanse of unexplored land outside of Antarctica. In 1932, English explorer Bertram Thomas addressed Explorers Club members on his successful crossing, a journey which is to be re-traced by small team of Arabs and an Englishman later in 2015. Mark Evans, Expedition Leader and international fellow of the club, will share with us stories of the original journey, and plans for the new, that begins in November 2015.

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Public Lecture Series feat. Russell Heath - October 5th, 2015

An Errant Circumnavigation: From 1985-1989, Russell Heath circumnavigated in a 25 foot Vertue class sloop: 37,000 miles, without electronics, inboard engine, or sailing experience—singlehanded. He has many stories: groundings, storms, characters—sea salts and land lubbers—and tales of the stars wheeling overhead. But no trip such as this leaves a person untouched. Heath's talk takes these stories and embeds them in a larger narrative of what it means to be alive, to live at risk, to chase distant horizons, to be moved, and to live deeply.

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Public Lecture Series feat. Alfred McLaren - October 19th, 2015

Silent and Unseen: On Submarine Patrol During the Cold War — Capt. Alfred Scott McLaren will discuss his very exciting career in attack submarines during the Cold War, including deployment during the Cuban Missile Crisis, a great number of Cold War missions, and taking part in, and later commanding, two historic Arctic expeditions.

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Public Lecture Series feat. Lee Durrell - November 9th, 2015

SAVING SPECIES FROM EXTINCTION: Past, Present and Future of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust — The story of the Trust and its achievements, from the days when it was first conceived by its Founder, Gerald Durrell, to the present, are revealed through amusing and poignant stories and inspiring images. The urgency of the need for biodiversity conservation around the world is articulated, and some of the issues the Trust intends to target in the future are presented.

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Watch “Jumping from the Edge of Space” and “Shackleton: Death or Glory”

ECAD Panel videos of “Jumping from the Edge of Space” and “Shackleton: Death or Glory” are now online. Both panels were held on Saturday March 21st, 2015 at the UN Economic & Social Council Chamber during the 111th Explorers Club Annual Dinner weekend.

“Jumping from the Edge of Space” features free-fall record holders Col. Joe Kittinger and Alan Eustace, moderated by Board Member Richard Garriott de Cayeux. The presentation features a demonstration with the actual suit Eustace used to break Felix Baumgartner’s free-fall world record.

“Shackleton: Death or Glory” features an introduction from ECAD co-chair Vanessa O’Brien, commentary from the Hon. Alexandra Shackleton, and a presentation by environmental scientist and adventurer Tim Jarvis. His “Shackleton Epic” expedition traced the footsteps of legendary polar explorer Ernest Shackleton, who with 5 companions in 1916 completed an incredible journey across 800 miles of the roughest ocean in the world from Elephant Island, Antarctica to mountainous South Georgia Island.

Foundation Mamont – Explorers Club World Exploration Challenge Grant awarded to Dr. Anthony Fiorillo

The first-ever Foundation Mamont – Explorers Club World Exploration Challenge Grant of $100,000 has been awarded to Dr. Anthony Fiorillo, Vice President of Research and Collections and Chief Curator at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas for his submission, “Ancient Beringia in a Greenhouse Polar World—At the Northern Edge of Dinosaurs and Their Environments.” The announcement was made by Alan H. Nichols, former President of The Explorers Club, and Frederik Paulsen, Fellow and Honorary Director of the Explorers Club and a representing Member of Foundation Mamont. While membership was not a requisite for consideration, Dr. Fiorillo is a member of The Explorers Club.

Dr. Fiorillo will lead a team of scientists to track the migration of polar dinosaurs across the Arctic as they experienced the Greenhouse climate of 70 to 100 million years ago. The team will include noted scientist Dr. Paul McCarthy of the University of Alaska and Eric Orphys, associate director of the expedition, and new masters student at the University of Alaska, who will start his work in paleoenvironmental reconstruction and paleoclimate study.

The expedition will navigate down the Kukpowruk River in the remote Coke Basin of extreme Northwestern Alaska to explore a terrestrial ecosystem 25 million years older than has ever been examined before, from an era when the ancient Arctic was one of the warmest places on Earth.

The Explorers Club Elects Ted Janulis as 43rd Club President

Dear Fellow Explorers:

At yesterday’s Board Meeting, the Board elected me to serve as our Club’s 43rd president.  It is with great humility that I accept this challenge.

The history and tradition of our Club is extraordinary, and the steps in which I now walk are paved with achievements and discoveries that have shaped our world.

We have been privileged for the past three years to have had the exemplary leadership of Alan Nichols, an accomplished explorer, writer, poet and most of all, a Club visionary.  His determination to firmly establish The Explorers Club as the “Center of World Exploration” is a goal that I am determined to follow.

To achieve that goal, it is critical that we work together in a framework of transparency and cooperation and maintain an ongoing exchange of meaningful dialogue. We must encourage and promote creative thinking that will carry The Explorers Club forward and through the 21st Century.

To ensure our Club’s positive future and our goal of inclusiveness, I want you to always feel free to contact me with your imaginative ideas, any and all issues you feel are important, and any concerns you may have about our operations, administration, special programs and activities.

May I also extend my great appreciation to our Board of Directors for placing their trust in me to carry our Club forward with the same strengths, traditions and milestones that have marked our long history in exploration and discovery and have made us, clearly, the pillar of world exploration.

Yours in Exploration,

Ted Janulis

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