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8th Annual Three Island BBQ - "The Journey Continues" - Wednesday, July 12

The House Committee cordially invites you to enjoy our 8th Annual Three Island BBQ with fellow members and guests. Special guest host Ambassador R. James Woolsey will be attending. This year’s evening theme will feature the food and drinks of Ernest Hemingway’s Cuba, with dancing and music provided by one of New York’s best party DJs, Victor Lesser, a principal of Manhattan City Music. Victor is also a band leader and musician. Very casual island and summer attire is suggested. The most originally dressed festive man and woman in the themes of Hemingway’s Cuba or an Ernest Hemingway look alike will each receive a special door prize.

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Exploring Legends Interview with Scott Parazynski - August 2, 2017

Dr. Scott Parazynski FN'07 is the only human to have stood on the summit of the world’s highest peak, 29,035-foot Mt. Everest, and flown in space. Parazynski, 55, also served as personal physician to the late Sen. John Glenn aboard Shuttle Discovery on the senator’s return to space in 1998. Scott spent his early years studying medicine, graduating from Stanford with a B.S. in biology in 1983, then Stanford Medical School in 1989. He joined NASA in 1992 and, after five separate Shuttle flights, went into private industry. He is a 2008 recipient of the Club’s Lowell Thomas Award.

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Public Lecture Series with James B. McClintock - Monday, September 11

James B. McClintock will use personal experience and storytelling to frame the dramatic impacts of rapid climate change in one of the most sensitive regions of our planet. Rapid glacial recession, massive ice sheet break-outs, and significant loss of annual sea ice are among the physical impacts presented. But perhaps more poignant are the ramifications of rapid climate change and warming on marine wildlife ranging from phytoplankton to krill and to the Adelie penguin, whose populations have plummeted ninety percent near Palmer Station on the central western Antarctic Peninsula. Despite the challenges of climate change the talk concludes on an optimistic note, recounting the discovery of the hold in the ozone over Antarctica and its successful mitigation.

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Public Lecture Series with Erica Cirino - Monday, September 18

Science writer and artist Erica Cirino is traveling the world to learn more about plastic pollution, science and solutions. She has sailed across the most polluted part of the eastern Pacific Ocean, embedded with world-class scientists in Demark and is now preparing to visit some of the most degraded ecosystems in Asia. Her immersive, on-the-ground journalistic style is inspired by the great ocean explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau, who said, “We must go and see for ourselves.”

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Public Lecture Series - With Lawrence in Arabia - Monday, September 25

Our first speaker will be Mitchell Stephens, a professor of journalism in the Carter Institute at New York University. He is author of The Voice of America: Lowell Thomas and The Invention of the 20th-Century Journalism. Mitchell had the privilege of following Lowell Thomas’s trail around the world and into Arabia. Mitchell has written a new foreword to With Lawrence in Arabia. Our second speaker will be Explorers Club member Steve Pigott who has just returned from tracing the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia for a Ken Burns documentary. Steve will have slides from this flag expedition.

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Public Lecture Series with Chris Turney - Monday, October 2

Earth Scientist Chris Turney will discuss his experiences and the insights gained from the Australasian Antarctic Expedition of 2013-2014, which he led to one of the most remote places in the world: Cape Denison in the East Antarctic. Turney assembled a remarkable group of professional and citizen scientists for the daring journey. Their aim: to discover what changes are taking place in this globally important region, due to the arrival of a giant iceberg the size of Rhode Island, known as B09B.

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Club Closed - Columbus Day - October 9, 2017

The Explorers Club is closed today - Monday, October 9th - in honor of Columbus Day. We will resume regular operating hours at 9:00 am Tuesday morning. There is no public lecture this week.

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Public Lecture Series with Ryan Pyle - Monday, October 16

Sparsely populated and spanning more than 1.6 million square kilometers of desert, river basins, mountains, and grasslands, the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region has had a turbulent history. Many of the events that have occurred there during the last 2500 years have been inextricably associated with its geographical position in northwest China, at a crossroads linking Europe and Asia. Traversed by branches of the series of trade routes that formed the ancient Silk Road, the region has been fought over and controlled by a succession of warlords and empires. Join Ryan as he spends nearly a decade exploring AND documenting the ancient footsteps in shifting sands in China’s remote northwest.

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Public Lecture Series with members of the LIGO team - Monday, October 23

Les Guthman will show the first preview of his new documentary, "LIGO," his exclusive inside story of the historic detection of gravitational waves, a discovery that is a top contender to win the Nobel Prize in Physics this year. He will be joined by Rai Weiss, one of the two creators of the LIGO program and winner of the 2016 Kavli Prize in Astrophysics; and Nergis Mavalvala, MIT astrophysicist and MacArthur Fellow for her seminal work on the quantum puzzles and barriers LIGO encounters as it perfects its huge detector-observatories.

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“What Would the Ocean Say?”

World Oceans Week has been an incredible success so far. As part of the phenomenal programming that has already been released, we are proud to present the short film, “What Would the Ocean Say?” created for the United Nations in celebration of World Ocean Day, on behalf of James Cameron MED ’03 and the Avatar Alliance Foundation. The project features the work of Mark Dalio FR’16, David Gruber FR’14, Sophie Hollingsworth SM’14, and Gaelin Rosenwaks FR’06.

We’d like to extend a special thanks to the Avatar Alliance Foundation itself. Without the foundational contributions of Maria Wilhelm MN’08, Vanessa Fajans-Turner MN’16, and Kim Butts AN’16, it’s safe to say this incredible week would not have been possible.

TBA21-Academy: A Contemporary Exploration at World Oceans Week - June 5 & 6

As part of our first-ever World Oceans Week, leading artists, scientists, explorers, and conservationists will transform The Explorers Club into a place of collaboration, participation, and inspiration through a dynamic cross-disciplinary program exploring the most pressing issues facing our oceans today.

Organized by TBA21–Academy, and unfolding in four thematic sessions on June 5 and 6, “A Contemporary Exploration” reveals how alliances across disciplines and knowledge sharing can generate solutions in conserving and sustainably using the oceans.

Included with the presentations are two experiential sense installations: Sissel Tolaas, the contemporary Norwegian installation artist most widely known for her work with odors, is presenting “Oceanic Scentscape” that allows attendees to experience the “scents” of the oceans; also, Peter Zinovieff, the synthesizer pioneer, will be presenting his “Sound Installation” of Blue Whale recordings.

These sessions are free of charge and open to the public, with no sign-up required.

Apollo F1 engines recovered on Flag Expedition finally fill a place of honor at Museum of Flight

Our 2014 Citation of Merit honorees, The Apollo F-1 Engine Search and Recovery Team, have finally shepherded the engines to their final destination, the Museum of Flight’s “Apollo” exhibit in Seattle, Washington.

For expedition leader and Explorers Club VP of Flag & Honors David Concannon FN ’96, it was a bittersweet moment.

“I was overwhelmed, I still am… It’s a really sad moment. I’m proud of what we and Jeff did, but it’s kinda like sending your son off to college.”

The engines now form a cornerstone of the “Apollo” exhibit in Seattle, while other components from Apollo 11’s F-1 rocket engines will go on display at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C., under an arrangement worked out by NASA, Bezos Expeditions, and the museums.

•   Click here to read more about the ceremony and the exhibit in this piece from

•   Click here to watch video of Jeff Bezos’ talk to kids about Apollo’s legacy

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