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Sea People: The Puzzle of Polynesia with Christina Thompson - Monday, March 25

Public Lecture Series with Christina Thompson - For more than a millennium, Polynesians have occupied the remotest islands in the Pacific Ocean, a vast triangle stretching from Hawaii to New Zealand to Easter Island. Until the arrival of European explorers they were the only people to have ever lived there. Both the most closely related and the most widely dispersed people in the world before the era of mass migration, Polynesians can trace their roots to a group of epic voyagers who ventured out into the unknown in one of the greatest adventures in human history.

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Sailing Stories 2019 - Saturday, April 6

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Trilogy of Nations: Japan, Korea, and China with Sam Mehta - Monday April 8, 2019

Public Lecture Series with Sam MehtaDuring the last ice age, the sea level was low enough to expose Japan, Korea and China as a part of the single landmass. The story of these East Asian countries has been interlinked ever since. China of course is the largest and had the most influence on Japan and Korea. The Chinese-influenced cultures have evolved differently based on their unique geography, history and culture. However, they are many similarities, thus appropriately the three great economies of Japan, Korea and China are often referred to as a trilogy of nations.

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Welcome to The Explorers Club Annual Dinner Auction!

Do you want to dive with sharks or dig for dinos with a world-renowned paleontologist? Catch a wave in an up-cycled surfboard made from recycled foam? Maybe you’re gear shopping for your next expedition…

Find it all here, and so much more, on our auction website. Featuring trips from all over the world, items picked up on expeditions, and things you can’t find in stores - this auction is a reflection of The Explorers Club membership itself. Take a look and be inspired, or buy it now and help us get a jump-start on our biggest fundraiser of the year - 100% of proceeds support The Explorers Club!

Visit to browse and bid online!

The online auction will close on March 15th at 12:00 pm.

President’s Video Report - ECAD 2019

Dear Fellow Explorers:

An historic ECAD saluting the 50th Anniversary of the walk on the Moon by the Apollo astronauts and our fellow TEC members is only weeks away.

Added to the excitement of ECAD weekend, will be the opportunity to honor our fellow explorers with the Club’s most coveted awards.

For a closer at what’s coming up, please join Club President Richard Wiese for our latest President’s Video Report.

You can also click here for a full schedule of events, and online ticketing for ECAD 2019.

Look forward to seeing you at ECAD and at the Club’s Annual Meeting.


Bill Liss
Communications Chair
Member of the Board of Directors

BBC Features The Explorers Club

We are delighted to share with you a recent in-depth look at The Explorers Club written for the BBC.

Published worldwide, the report centers on the pillars of the Club’s strategic building blocks as outlined at the last TEC Board meeting by Club President Richard Wiese - “Inspiration” and “Camaraderie.”

It discusses our mission, our focus, our extraordinary history, and our accomplished membership.

Please click here to read this impressive look at The Explorers Club as the BBC takes you inside our extraordinary headquarters building on E. 70th St. in New York.


Bill Liss
Communications Chair
Member of the Board of Directors

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