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Presidential Dinner with Ian Baker - October 27, 2016

Ian Baker is an anthropologist, Tibetan scholar, and curator who has written seven books on Himalayan cultural history, environment, art, and medicine including The Heart of the World: A Journey to the Last Secret Place, The Dalai Lamas Secret Temple: Tantric Wall Paintings from Tibet, The Tibetan Art of Healing, Buddhas of the Celestial Gallery, Tibetan Yoga: Secrets from the Source, and the forthcoming Secret River: Journeys in the Hidden Land of Pemako.

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Space Stories 2016 - Saturday, October 29th

Come to Space Stories, a special all-day event at The Explorers Club, on Saturday, Oct. 29. All things space will be featured including Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo pilot CJ Sturckow, ISS/Shuttle NASA astronaut Leroy Chiao, ISS/Soyuz private space astronaut Richard Garriott, Executive Director of MUFON Jan Harzan, New Horizon's Alice Bowman, Virgin Galactic passenger Jim Clash interviewed by Olympian Sasha Cohen, and a pre-release movie screening of "Mission Control." It's going to be out of this world!

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Public Lecture Series with Mark Evans and Arabian Nights Dinner - Monday, October 31st

Mark Evans will tell the tale of the recreation of the first ever crossing of the largest sand desert on earth — the Empty Quarter of Arabia. The journey of 1,300 km reached Doha in Qatar on January 27th 2016, after 49 days on foot and by camel through Oman, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

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Public Lecture Series with Wade and Robyn Hughes - Monday, November 7th

A Curious Secret: The wild whales of the mid-Atlantic ridge - Wade and Robyn Hughes have mounted nine expeditions to the Azores, including two Explorers Club Flag expeditions, in order to photograph the underwater behavior of enigmatic sperm whales and other species of cetaceans that populate the abyssal depths of the mid-Atlantic Ridge.

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Public Lecture Series with Tom Fremantle - Monday, November 14th

Mr. Fremantle will discuss his 1000-mile walk along the US-Mexico border - it zigzagged between the two countries - with a street dog called Pancho. The talk will focus on the challenges and dangers faced when covering an average 25 miles a day, but also the immense goodwill shown on both sides of the border. He will touch on some other writers who have travelled with animals, including John Steinbeck and his French poodle, Charley; Dervla Murphy and her mule, Jock; and Robert Louis Stevenson and his poor, much-thrashed donkey, Modestine.

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Public Lecture Series with Nate Dominy - Monday, November 21st

Cooperation and individuality among man-eating lions - Nate Dominy will explore the geopolitical, social, and ecological conditions of East Africa during the 1890s, and how a combination of these factors led to the serial predation of humans by two male lions in 1898. The man-eaters of Tsavo have since attained a level of notoriety that is virtually unsurpassed in the annals of human-animal interactions. The idiosyncrasies of these lions behavior invite study, and Dominy will describe the results of collaborative research based on a stable isotope analysis of the Tsavo man-eaters and their prey.

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Public Lecture Series with Audun Amundsen - November 28th, 2016

UTOPIAN FRUITS OF THE JUNGLE - After staying three years with a traditional culture deep in the jungle of Indonesia, Audun Amundsen learns their unwritten language and get unique insight into the hopes, dreams and aspirations of the natives. Through film he has documented the clashes between a culture in demise and the outside world since 2004.

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Public Lecture Series with Michael Fishbach - Monday, December 5th

The Last Giants features stunning visuals, both stills and video, illustrating the majesty and beauty of the world’s giants — the great whales. Some acoustical recordings will be used as well as charts and maps as the viewer will be taken on a journey of discovery into the lives of the Blue and other great whales.

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Public Lecture Series with Ralph Naranjo - Monday, December 12th

Exploration Under Sail - Expeditionary voyaging in small craft still holds great promise, and Ralph Naranjo, author of The Art of Seamanship, raises compelling reasons to follow in the wake of Cook, Wilkes and Darwin. But he also alludes to the three big challenges inherent in small craft voyaging—a need to balance crew skill, enhance the seaworthiness of your vessel and understand the constraints posed by the sea.

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Public Lecture Series with Scott Solomon - January 30, 2017

What is the future of human evolution? Scott Solomon will provide an entertaining and accessible overview of the forefront of research on human evolution happening in modern times. Once considered the exclusive domain of science fiction, recent scientific advances now make it possible to use what we know about our past and our present to make meaningful predictions about our evolutionary future. Indeed, an explosion of information about the human genome, an emerging understanding about the complex role of microorganisms in our health, and the many changes that have come with modernization provide insights into our ongoing evolution.

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The Explorers Club Announces Adventure Canada & Kensington Tours as Official Travel Partners

Today, The Explorers Club has forged official travel partnerships with Arctic expedition cruise company Adventure Canada, and worldwide travel leader Kensington Tours. Together, the partners will provide The Explorers Club’s international membership with exceptional travel experiences in the world’s most remote, wild, and riveting places.

“We are thrilled to have Adventure Canada and Kensington Tours join the Club as our official travel partners” says Ted Janulis, President of The Explorers Club. “Both companies are at the forefront of experiential travel and directly align with the Club’s foundational ideal—that it is vital to preserve and foster our instinct to explore.”

Photographer Jamie Unwin receives the 2016 Scott Pearlman Field Award for Project Kenya

Jamie Unwin, a 21 year-old student at the University of Exeter, will be filming an expedition led by fellow co-founder and student, Hannah Pollock, across Kenya to discover why some local communities embrace, conserve, and take ownership of Kenya’s wildlife and other communities don’t. How are these people different? Why, in the midst of much poverty, hunger, and civil unrest, have they decided to selflessly conserve wildlife, and how can their actions be replicated across Kenya and throughout Africa? The second phase of Project Kenya, in 2017, will communicate their conclusions in a film that will be shown at wildlife-human conflict hotspots in Kenya using a bicycle powered cinema designed and constructed by Jamie. For more informations about Jamie, go to

Exploration and field research requires a high level of dedication and enormous commitment of personal time and financial resources. The 2016 Scott Pearlman Field Award Committee and The Explorers Club are proud to support “Project Kenya” with a grant of $10,000. Jamie has applied for student membership of The Explorers Club’s British Chapter.

Be sure to follow the expedition—

Facebook: StandUp4Nature
Twitter: @StandUp4Nature
Instagram: @StandUpForNature

Club Fellow finds 2nd-oldest confirmed shipwreck in Great Lakes

Club Fellow Jim Kennard, along with fellow explorers Roger Pawlowski and Roland “Chip” Stevens, have announced the discovery of a rare 18th century sloop discovered in Lake Ontario. Jim’s team discovered the shipwreck this summer in water off Oswego, New York. Images captured by the team’s ROV has confirmed the vessel is the Washington, sank during a storm in 1803. As reported by Kennard on his website, “The sloop was enroute from Kingston, Ontario to Niagara, Ontario, Canada with a full cargo when it foundered during a gale on Lake Ontario in 1803.  The Washington is believed to be the oldest confirmed commercial sailing ship to exist in the Great Lakes.  It was the first sloop built on Lake Erie and the first to sail in both Lakes Erie and Ontario.”

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