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Insider Experiential Journeys

Absolute Travel is a multi-award-winning company of trusted, passionate travel specialists who create private journeys to inspiring destinations across all seven continents. Their expertise, knowledge, and personal relationships allow them to design once-in-a-lifetime trips filled with insider experiences, unsurpassed service, and on-the-ground spontaneity. In addition to creating life-changing trips, they are committed to protecting the world’s wild places and preserving cultural legacies alongside their partners in Absolute Awareness, and are currently developing a Responsible Tourism Guide as a proud new member of the Clinton Global Initiative. In 2013 Travel + Leisure readers and travelers named us the #1 World’s Best Tour Operator, particularly meaningful as the travelers themselves voted.

Journeys to Inspire

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Uncovering Cuba’s Past & Present 

Cuba has stories to tell. Although next-door, our neighboring nations have kept silent for decades. Now, it’s time to speak. On this Explorers Club Trip to Cuba you’ll plunge into dialogue. This is an opportunity for Cubans and Americans to converse not only through words, but also through the rhythms of dance, the harmony of music, and the unspoken messages of art and architecture. You’ll exchange ideas with leading architects, community farmers, burgeoning painters and poets, students of economics, and business innovators. Cuban culture is rich and infectious, and you’re invited to share it!

•  Unlocking Persia

The remnants of Persia’s great empire are staggering. Feel the weight of history as you walk the ancient promenades of Achaemenid’s capital at Persepolis. Marvel at the elaborate tiled domes of the Naqsh-e Jahan Square. And experience the intoxicating beauty of quiet mosques and sublime gardens. On this Explorers Club Trip you’ll discover Iran’s famed UNESCO World Heritage sites and uncover hidden gems. A utopia of ancient history and stunning architecture awaits.

•  Discover America’s Serengeti with Stephenie Ambrose Tubbs

Join Stephenie Ambrose Tubbs—renowned author, National Geographic Expert, and daughter of the iconic author of Undaunted Courage, Stephen Ambrose—on a discovery of the legendary Lewis & Clark Trail and a visit to one of the greatest conservation projects of our time, the American Prairie Reserve. Stephenie’s colorful stories and in-depth knowledge of the area will give you an insider’s perspective on this rare national treasure. Begin in Fort Benton, where you will delve into the heart of the American West and experience the foundations of life on the frontier in this historic small town. A two-night float trip down the Missouri River past pioneer homesteads, historic teepees, and natural rock formations will be brought to life with Stephenie’s intimate tales of Lewis & Clark’s encounters when they made their way down this same path over two centuries ago. Continue to the wide-open prairie and learn all about the efforts underway to conserve one of the world’s final four large-scale grassland ecosystems. Once here, settle in for two nights at the American Prairie Reserve’s deluxe Kestrel Camp, which is set in America’s Serengeti (prairie dog towns, undulating bison herds, and hundreds of thousands of acres of tranquility included). Discover the fabric of the area’s human and wildlife history and become part of a conservation project that will impact generations to come.

Close Encounters in the Land of the Kiwis: A Quest for Penguins 

For wildlife enthusiasts, lovers of the outdoors and adventurous spirits, we invite you to be a part of history in the making with the first of The Explorers Club Trips. Uncover the secret life of New Zealand’s penguins with penguin expert, TED Speaker, award-winning author Dyan deNapoli. From the largest colony of the smallest penguins in the world to the protected habitat of their endangered relatives, deNapoli will lead you over bluffs, to volcano rims, and out to sea to bring you face-to-face with these unforgettable creatures. As you watch them surf to shore, waddle home for the evening, and court one another, you will experience firsthand their vital role in our world’s ecosystem. Simultaneously, you will discover how your admiration for the species can be the answer to sustaining their way of life. Along the way, you’ll hike, paddle, and sail through the superior beauty of New Zealand’s varied landscape and be charmed by the quaint seaside towns.

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