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Anne Savage, Ph.D.

Dr. Anne Savage is the Conservation Director for Disney’s Animals, Science and Environment at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. Dr. Savage’s multifarious global studies in animal behavior and conservation biology are not only groundbreaking from a scientific perspective, but also for her programs’ infrastructure initiatives to educate and involve the indigenous population in conservation efforts, thereby ensuring the ongoing protection of surrounding natural habitats.

Dr. Savage currently leads Disney’s conservation efforts in collaboration with the Disney Conservation Fund to leverage the expertise of global teams to help save some of the world’s most endangered animals. She developed Proyecto Tití, a conservation program designed to conserve Colombia’s most endangered primate the cotton-top tamarin. Additionally, her team works internationally to promote conservation through the “eco-mochila” program that creates a sustainable product from recycled plastic bags. Aside from its contribution to wildlife conservation, this program successfully reduces the amount of litter in forests and oceans in Central and South America. 

Dr. Savage also leads the Walt Disney World sea turtle conservation team that works to protect sea turtles and educate guests and visitors at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort.  Using new technologies from satellite tracking to sniffer dogs, her team continues to lead the innovation of new tools used to help protect sea turtles. As one of the project team members of Mission Himalayas, Dr. Savage worked with Walt Disney Imagineering and Conservation International to document the animal life in unexplored regions of Nepal and China, leading to the discovery of new species. Her expertise in science and conservation is leveraged by Walt Disney Imagineering in the design of new parks, attractions, and resorts that help to share the story of how Disney is saving wildlife.

Dr. Savage has been funded by the National Science Foundation, World Wildlife Fund, National Geographic Research and Exploration, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and many national and international agencies for her various studies in animal behavior and conservation biology.

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