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Annual Dinner Transportation Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I need to go to catch the ferry to Ellis Island?

We have our own ferries throughout the evening, run by Statue Cruises, which will provide access to and from Ellis Island.

Once you arrive at Battery Park, look for Club volunteers in the red hats. They will direct you toward Castle Clinton, the departure point in the Park (listed below on the map).

What time do I need to be at Battery Park to catch the ferry?

As Ellis Island is a national park, all guests must pass through limited security before boarding. We encourage guests to factor this process in when planning their arrival time.

VIP guests may begin arrival at 5:00 pm. First boarding for VIP guests is 5:30.

General Reception guests may arrive at 5:45 pm. First boarding for general reception guests begins at 6:15.

What happens if I miss my ferry?

There will be additional ferries running aside from the the initial times listed above, but you may miss part of the program the later you arrive.

We highly recommend arriving on time to catch the 5:30 (VIP) or 6:15 (general) ferries.

The very last ferry bound for the island will board at 7:15 pm, and sets sail at 7:30 pm. Any guests who arrive to Castle Clinton after this point will not make the dinner.

YOU MUST CATCH THE 7:30 pm FERRY TO MAKE THE DINNER, there will be no exceptions or later options thereafter.

What time do the ferries return at the end of the evening?

Multiple return-ferries will run throughout the night. For guests with conflicts or problems, the earliest ferry will depart Ellis Island at 9:00 PM and return to Battery Park shortly thereafter.  From that point, the main departure options will begin at 10:15, ferries will depart in roughly half-hour intervals. The last ferry off the island departs at 11:45.

Can you drive there?

All Explorers Club guests must arrive by ferry from Battery Park.

Is there a bus departing from the hotel?

The Club has arranged for several buses to transport guest from our primary hotel, the Loews Regency, directly to Battery Park. Guests staying at the Loews are to meet in the lobby. Check-in for the buses will begin in the lobby at 4:15 pm for VIP guests, and 5:00 pm for general guests.

Bueses from the Loews are not limited to Hotel guests. Other ECAD attendees may also use these buses, but this service is limited and will be provided on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Once the event is over and the ferry drops me off at Battery Park, is there additional transportation?

Once you depart the ferry there is no further transportation arranged by The Explorers Club. While Battery Park is safe, and staff will be there to assist you, you’re explorers — we trust you!

Battery Park Map

Click the map above to launch google maps

Cab or Uber

Cabs and Ubers are a great way to arrive at Battery Park. Once there, you may arrive anywhere on the perimeter of Battery Park. We will have volunteers stationed around the edges of the Park with Explorers Club red hats identifying them. They will point you in the correct direction and answer any question you may have.


Several lines service Battery Park. Please look out for our volunteers wearing red hats who can help guide you to the ferry departure.

Subway options include:

The 4 & 5 express trains (green line) stop at Bowling Green, which places you directly in front of the National Museum of the American Indian and the Netherland Monument. From there, walk to Battery Park (2 minute walk – please see map above)
Both the 1 train (red line) and R train (yellow line) both stop at South Ferry. This will place you on the far end of the Park, next to the Staten Island Ferry. Note, that if you opt for the South Ferry option, you must be in one of the first five cars to exit the train at that station.

Click here for MTA Subway Map

See you out there!

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