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Call to Nominations…

Candidates for Members of the Board of Directors

The following pages contain instructions for the submission of candidate credentials to the Nominating Committee for the position of Director of The Explorers Club, Class of 2021.

Digital or written nominations must be in the hands of the Nominating Committee no later than the 16th of January 2018 at 6:00pm EDT, addressed digitally to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or hard-copy to Mr. Will Roseman, Executive Director, The Explorers Club, 46 East 70th Street, New York, NY 10021.

Nominees must agree, as a prior condition of acceptance, to follow The Club Bylaws; including signing annually, every year they serve on the Board, the Code of Conduct for Officers and Directors and the Conflict of Interest Form, and other applicable forms, as they may be amended from time to time. Newly-elected Board members will take office at the first Board meeting held after the Annual Meeting, normally on the Sunday of ECAD weekend. At a minimum, Board members should expect to pay all of their own costs to attend Board meetings, which may be held worldwide, and commit to attend the ECAD and Lowell Thomas events each year.

In accordance with the Bylaws, all members have the right to offer to take part in our Club’s governance by nominating themselves or other members as candidates for the Board of Directors, to serve for a three-year term. To be considered for the 2018 Slate of Candidates, nominees may include Fellow, Member, Medalist, Honorary, Life and Emeritus categories, and must be members in good standing. However, Corresponding, Student, Term and Associate member categories, and past Presidents, are not eligible. In order to be nominated, a candidate must also meet other requirements outlined by the Bylaws. Candidates should verify they meet the requirements of the Bylaws before submitting for nomination.

As part of their nomination, all candidates are required to submit a Biographical Sketch and a Candidate Statement as described below. These two documents are designed to allow voters a fair basis of comparison among the candidates. As such, and while the nominating committee is aware that our members are highly accomplished, the submissions must be composed with limited lengths for presentation to the nominating committee and later to voting members. Please ensure the word count of your submission is within the specified limits, as the Executive Director of The Club will be instructed to truncate submissions not complying with these limits.

Biographical Sketch (350-word maximum)

This sketch should note at the outset the candidate’s chapter (or New York resident) affiliation and details concerning one’s present occupation, including key institutional affiliations, particularly those involving not-for-profit entities. It should also include the candidate’s proven exploration-field science credentials and Flag expeditions. It is suggested that the candidate consider the “Attributes Desired of a Potential Director” when composing this sketch.

Candidates running for a second term must enumerate their contributions to The Explorers Club during their first three-year term with regard to verifiable fund-raising, or in-kind support, and specific contributions to the Club as a loyal, working director-board-team member.

Candidate Statements (400-word maximum)

Responding to the questions posed below, these brief statements are intended to describe the vision of the candidate for the current and future direction of the Club, and how they could help implement that vision.

Questions to be addressed:

  • •   In your opinion, what are the three most significant priorities for The Explorers Club at this time?
  • •   Based on your answer, what relevant experience have you had that could be applied to the three priorities you have identified?
  • •   Please list two practical ideas you have to address each of these priorities.
  • •   Please describe your work on behalf of The Explorers Club at the Chapter, National, International or Committee level in the past two years.
  • •   Please tell us about other ways you have contributed to the Club, such as supporting Club functions and events. How would your position on the Board positively impact our fundraising or revenue stream?
  • •   What marketing and public relations experience have you had?
  • •   How have you served on other not-for-profit Boards?
  • •   In the event of a serious disagreement, please describe your approach and advice to the BOD to evaluate and resolve those differences of opinion in a fair and transparent manner?

In summary, a complete nomination package for a BOD candidate will include both the Biographical Sketch and the Candidate Statement. It must be submitted as described above and will be evaluated by the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee will then present its recommendations to the Board of Directors at their January meeting, and those selected to run will stand for the March 26 Annual Meeting election thereafter.

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