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Guidelines for Writing Quality Award Nominations

The Explorers Club Flag and Honors Committee

As an Explorers Club member in good standing, you have the privilege of nominating candidates for Club awards and medals.  The Flag and Honors Committee, as part of its mandate, is charged with executing the evaluation process and recommending candidates for all awards to the Board of Directors. 

To encourage you to participate in this vital process of recognizing deserving explorers, we have a few suggestions and guidelines to simplify the nomination process.

1.  Identify the person you wish to nominate for a specific award and start the process with ample time before the deadline.

2.  Read and understand the criteria for judging who receives the award and follow them.

3.  Review the nominee’s CV.  Identify specific ways in which he or she meets the criteria.  When possible, involve the person you are nominating to get accurate and detailed information.

4.  Organize your nomination effectively. Start with a specific statement of why the nominee deserves the award.  The justification should be concise, not vague.  Summarize the candidate’s qualifications using specific details (numbers, facts, examples, anecdotes) to illustrate your points.  Please do not generalize.

5.  Self-nomination is strongly discouraged.

The key to a well-written nomination is to provide specific information illustrating that the candidate’s contributions match the award criteria. For example:

•   What did the nominee do?
•   How did he/she do it?
•   What were the results/impact/benefits?
•   How was the useful/valuable information gathered and then disseminated?

You should recognize that, due to the prestige of this award and the excellence of the nominees, the Club normally receives dozens of nominations each year for very few spots. To ensure that your nominee stands out, you must follow these criteria and suggestions and submit a stellar nomination letter with impressive supporting material. If you don’t, others will!

For more details, please contact Emerald Nash at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or by telephone at 1-212-628-8383.

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