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Joseph MacInnis, C.M., O.Ont., M.D., F.R.C.P.

Joe MacInnis is a medical doctor who’s pioneering research on undersea science and engineering projects earned him his nation’s highest honor—the Order of Canada.

The first person to explore the ocean beneath the ice at the geographic North Pole, he was among the first to dive to the Titanic. Canada’s leading deep-sea explorer has made multiple 4,000-meter science dives in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

In 1964, Dr. Joe worked on the Man-In-Sea project directed by Edwin Link and supported by the US Navy and National Geographic. In 2012, he was a medical adviser and expedition journalist on the James Cameron-National Geographic seven-mile science dive into the Mariana Trench.

In the five decades between those pioneering projects his teams, with a grant from National Geographic, built Sublimnos, Canada’s first underwater station. Supported by the Canadian government, they made ten research expeditions beneath the ice of the Arctic Ocean. Their achievements included the first science dives beneath the ice at the geographic North Pole, construction of Sub Igloo, the first undersea polar station and the discovery of HMS Breadalbane, the northernmost known shipwreck.

Dr. Joe has worked on undersea science and engineering projects with Ocean Systems Inc., the US Navy, the Canadian and French governments and the Russian Academy of Sciences. They all enhanced his understanding of leadership and teamwork.

He’s written ten books including Titanic In A New Light, Breathing Underwater (Penguin Books), Fitzgerald’s Storm (McMillan) and James Cameron’s Aliens of the Deep (National Geographic Books). He’s written numerous articles for magazines including National Geographic, Scientific American and Wired. Random House published his latest book, Deep Leadership: Essential Insights From High-Risk Environments.

Dr. Joe currently studies leadership in high-risk environments. Recently, he produced two leadership training videos for the Canadian military and Special Forces. He gives leadership presentations and seminars in North America and Europe. His audiences have included Microsoft, IBM, Visa, Toyota and the U.S. Naval Academy. He believes that deep empathy, deep eloquence and deep endurance can change everything.

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