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Sea Blind Screening - Panel

Following the NYC-premier screening of Sea Blind: The Price of Shipping our Stuff, the co-directors will be joined in a lively panel discussion with leading Arctic science and policy experts in a conversation on Arctic climate pollution and steps that can be taken to slow the warming that is happening more than twice as fast as the rest of the world. The panel will immediately follow the 7:00 pm screening.


Liana James

Liana James joined CATF as a Shipping Policy Consultant in the summer of 2016.  Prior to joining CATF, Liana was a John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellow and served as a Policy Advisor at the U.S. Committee on the Marine Transportation System. In this position, Liana worked on numerous issues related to the marine transportation system including environmental stewardship, U.S. Arctic planning, infrastructure investment, resilience, and maritime data.

Liana holds a J.D. from the University of Maine School of Law, where she was awarded the Outstanding Scholastic Achievement Award in Environmental Law as well as the Hon. Daniel E. Wathen Legal Writing Award. Liana also held internships with the Conservation Law Foundation, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection and Maine’s Sustainability Solutions Initiative during law school.

As an undergraduate, Liana studied biology and conducted scientific research while serving as a crew member aboard the Robert C. Seamans during her time with Sea Education Association.

Bernice Notenboom

Bernice is a professional adventurer, climate journalist and keynote speaker.  In 2008 she became the first woman to reach the North, South, and Cold Pole (in Siberia) and traversing Greenland’s icecap on skis in one year. In 2009 she reached the top of the Mount Everest.  In the spring of 2014 she attempted to ski across the frozen Arctic Ocean from the North Pole to Canada but got evacuated 188 km short of the coast due to bad conditions.

Bernice is the presenter/co-producer of Tipping Points a 6 x 1 hour adventure science series about global tipping points in our climate system with scientists from all over the world. The series was produced in 2013 for The Weather Channel, VPRO, WDR, CANVAS, ARTE, Discovery and many other broadcasters and aired in 45 countries.

While on assignment for National Geographic Traveler in 2009, Bernice discovered the fragility of the Arctic sea ice caused by Global Warming.  For three years she worked on the Climate Alert project that set out to report about the changing climate of extreme environments around the world. Her film, Himalaya Alert won best environmental film at the Trento Film Festival in Italy.

Notenboom was part of the official Dutch delegation to the climate conferences in Copenhagen and recently in Paris. She speaks at TED conferences and writes for National Geographic Traveler, National Geographic (Dutch), Volkskrant and the Financial Times among other publications. She was also a radio correspondent for NPR’s Savvy Traveler. Her book Poles Apart was nominated for the Dutch literature award.

Rafe Pomerance

Rafe Pomerance is Chairman of Arctic 21, a network of organizations focused on communicating issues of Arctic climate change to policy makers and the general public. Arctic 21, which operates under the auspices of WHRC, seeks to establish a framework for Arctic policy based on the question, “what is the Arctic we have to have?” Rafe is a member of the Polar Research Board of the National Academy of Sciences and an independent climate strategies consultant.

Rafe has spent much of his career on global warming including his work with Friends of the Earth where he served as President from 1980 to 1984, the World Resources Institute as a senior associate for climate change and ozone depletion policy and as a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Environment and Development (1993-99) and climate negotiator and as President of the Climate Policy Center (CPC). Rafe was a founder and Chairman of the Board of American Rivers, Chairman of the Board of the League of Conservation Voters and of the Potomac Conservancy.

Sarah Robertson

Sarah Robertson is a Canadian independent documentary filmmaker specializing in wildlife, science and history production as a writer/director. She has 25 years experience making films about the Arctic and has contributed to several high profile and award winning films including Planet Earth, To the Arctic Imax movie, National Geographic’s Great Migrations series, BBC’s Frozen Planet, and a Summer Odyssey 3D for The Nature of Things. Her company, Arctic Bear Productions has garnered several Emmy and Canadian Screen recognitions for its films.

In the dozens of filming expeditions into the North, Sarah has seen evidence of global climate change. Her recent focus is finding ways to communicate these changes and shifts in what not long ago was considered an untouchable frontier. Sarah’s feature film debut, Arctic Tale made with National Geographic Films and Paramount Vantage was a first step in experimenting with the complexities of communicating effectually about how humans impact the environment, how societies respond, and how civilization searches to find solutions. In 2007, Sarah was awarded the Lowell Thomas Award in recognition of excellence in exploring climate change.

Sea Blind, is the beginning of an exploration of the Arctic’s future as it transforms from frozen wasteland to center of Geo Politics.

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