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The 2013 Lowell Thomas Awardees

The 2013 Lowell Thomas Awards

Celebrating Justice: Field Exploration as a Splendid Exchange

The Explorers Club is pleased to announce the following preeminent explorers who have demonstrated the principle of just dealing and right action in field exploration:

Allen Counter

A distinguished neurophysiologist and director of the Harvard Foundation, S. Allen Counter is a scientific explorer whose research studies in South America led to the discovery of African-descended people living in the rain forest of Suriname and the Andean mountains.  Dr. Counter also sought and gained proper recognition from the United States for African-American Matthew Henson’s contributions to Arctic exploration.

Lale Lubuko and John Rowe

Kara tribal member Lale Labuko and world-renowned photographer John Rowe are the founders of Omo Child, a foundation that rescues and cares for children located in the Omo River Valley region of Southwest Ethiopia.  Omo Child’s mission is to stop Mingi, the ritualistic killing of infants and children, and to provide a safe, nurturing shelter and quality education for rescued children.

Enric Sala

Marine ecologist Enric Sala is a National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence actively engaged in exploration, research, and communications to advance ocean conservation.  His over 100 scientific publications are widely recognized and used for conservation efforts.  Dr. Sala’s present goals are to help protect the last pristine marine ecosystems worldwide, and to develop new business models for marine conservation.

Martha Talbot

Martha Talbot is an internationally distinguished ecologist and conservationist who has carried out pioneering field ecological research on four continents.  She has a continuing 56-year record of explorations and other field work in over 60 countries and has authored numerous publications on wildlife, ecology, and conservation.  She is the Immediate Past President of the Society of Woman Geographers.

Ted Turner

Characterized by E.O.Wilson as one of the great originals of American history, businessman and media mogul Ted Turner is proof that capitalism and environmentalism can be joined to major humanitarian effect. As one of the world’s most powerful and effective philanthropists, his contributions include the Turner Foundation, which makes grants in the areas of the environment and population, and the United Nations Foundation that promotes a more peaceful, prosperous, and just world.

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