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A Changing Arctic with Børge Ousland

A Changing Arctic

with Børge Ousland
Renowned Norwegian Polar Explorer

Preceded By Our Summer Solstice “Jonsok”
A Norwegian Midsummer Festival Cocktail Party
Hosted by the Royal Norwegian Consulate General and Linie Aquavit

Børge Ousland is a renowned Norwegian polar explorer, photographer and writer. A former member of Norway’s Marinejeger – equivalent to the U.S. Navy SEALs – he has inherited the physical and mental toughness of his Viking ancestors to survive the most extreme conditions. In his highly rated presentations, he will share awe-inspiring highlights from his polar explorations and adventures during the past twenty-five years.

He made the first unassisted Antarctic solo crossing, finishing on January 18, 1997. He ventured to the South Pole on December 8, 2005. In January 15, 2006, he began a journey to the North Pole, which he and Mike Horn successfully concluded on March 23rd. In September 2010, Ousland's team, aboard "The Northern Passage", completed the first historic circumnavigation of the North Pole in one season. This was one of the earliest recorded instances of the circumnavigation of the North Pole without an icebreaker. This would have been a 6 year-long journey if it had taken place 100 years ago.

In December 2011, he traversed Antarctica to the South Pole for the centennial celebration of the first expedition to reach the Pole. Ousland married at the North Pole in 2012 having been flown in by helicopter with "20 or 30 people."

Having observed climate change in the polar regions first hand, Ousland provides a dramatic eye witness account to the changes taking place in Earth’s kingdoms of ice and snow. Ousland will report on his latest expeditions with outstanding photos and spine-tingling video. Børge Ousland will be introduced to us by Elin Bergithe Rognlie, Consul General of the Royal Norwegian Consulate General.

History is always an integral part of the present. We are well aware that we are sailing in the wake of great explorers and adventurers. – Børge Ousland

Summer Solstice “Jonsok”

Hosted by the Royal Norwegian Consulate General and Linie Aquavit

In Norway, Solstice means Fun in the Midnight Sun…

Midsummer in Norway, also known as Sankthansaften or Jonsok, is a holiday celebrated nationwide, usually on June 23rd. This is right around the summer solstice, and as far north as Norway is, this means that the sun is as bright as day until well into the evening. We won’t feature the traditional bonfire at The Explorers Club, but there will be plenty of sparks flying when you down your first glass of Linie Aquavit!

The Royal Norwegian Consulate General is our esteemed sponsor of both Borge Ousland’s talk and our Norwegian Midsummer Festival cocktail party. Linie Aquavit, the beverage our Viking brethren would most certainly have approved of, is also a sponsor of the cocktail party. Linie Aquavit with over 200 years of tradition, is Norway’s oldest and most prestigious aquavit distilled from potatoes, and flavoured with caraway and aniseed. After being aged for 12 months in sherry oak casks, Linie Aquavit still crosses the equator twice - (the “linie” in Linie Aquavit) on a four-month sea voyage spanning 35 countries. The rolling seas and varying temperatures result in a smooth and flavorful product. Every bottle of Linie Aquavit carries details of its four-month sea voyage including the date of departure, the date it returned after crossing the equator twice, and the name of the ship. Hearty Norwegian Midsummer Festival fare will perfectly complement the robust flavor of this spirit.

Join Borge Ousland for the best in polar exploration and come to our Midsummer Jonsok to celebrate the longest day of the year… before it slips away! Skål!

Date: 06/16/2014

Time: 6:30 pm Reception, 8:00 pm Presentation

Location: The Explorers Club, 46 E 70th Street, New York, NY, 10021

Member Ticket Price: $35

Guest Ticket Price: $45

Reservation Notes:

To make a reservation please email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call the Club at 212-628-8383.

Cancellation/”No Show” Policy:* If a reservation is canceled after Wednesday, June 11th, there will be No Refund of the ticket price.
* There are no refunds for a “No Show” to a catered event.

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