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Birds, Bees, and a Taste of Honey

Cross-pollination helps at least 30% of the world’s crops and 90% of our wild plants to thrive. Without pollinators, many plants -- including food crops -- would die off.

Join us for a night of honey-tasting, hear about our efforts to effect ecological restoration through beekeeping, and learn about the impact of hummingbird pollination.

Sean Graesser will discuss the incredible effect hummingbirds have on our environment as pollinators. He will also discuss how birds, pollinators, and native plants depend on each other, and how native species diversity is one of the most critical things for pollination. Lastly, Sean will go over some essential native plants to increase productivity for any area, be it a yard or nature sanctuary.

Peter Keity
uses the power of beekeeping to restore degraded landscapes, improve the plight of native pollinators, and educate the public. He also produces the very best organic, raw, unfiltered honey. You are invited to taste three of his most intriguing varieties, and see how your own tasting notes match up to others. We also invite you to try some "bee-bread" (naturally fermented bee-pollen), a true super-food with a staggering array of health benefits!

• Green label (late spring/early summer harvest, 2017): this varietal comes from our most productive location. Nestled amid rolling fields of Texas wildflowers, it is characterized by an extremely light, almost candy-like flavor, which has been extremely well-received due to its being palatable to almost everyone, fussy children included! Light golden hliquid encased inside an equally golden wax.

• Orange label (autumn harvest, 2017): this hive got off to a rocky start, having rejected their queen. We installed a new regent just in time, and it went on to be one of our best-tasting and most productive hives. The flavor is rich and fruity, with a reddish-amber liquid encased in a chalky white comb. Truly a distinctive honey.

• Pink label (late summer harvest, 2017): this "year-one" hive surpassed all expectations to produce a bumper crop of honey...something rarely seen in first-year hives. Rich notes of caramel and chocolate make this one of my favorites, not just of 2017 but of all time. It was hard to give this one up, so please enjoy it!

There will also be other honeys for tasting, from many different regions for you to experience!

Sean Graesser is a conservation photographer, storyteller, and biologist. In his scientific research, he specializes in birds, particularly hummingbirds, studying their habitats and migration patterns. He has spent the past ten years in Costa Rica and Panama doing research and teaching tropical rainforest field techniques. He has spent the last four years working as a field biologist for National Audubon Society. He is a regular contributor to National Audubon Society's social media and internet presence educating on a wide variety of topics. He has a strong following on his personal social media pages, striving to educate about conversation topics and research, using strong imagery to contact to a broad audience outside of the scientific strata.

Peter Keilty came to New York 13 years ago to pursue his career as a lawyer, and never left. His passion for nature and desire to protect what we have remaining, and to reclaim some of what we have lost, led him to form Bees-For-All. A unique approach to conservation, Bees-For-All promotes habitat restoration through bee-keeping. By placing a beehive on our members' properties, they become wardens of the land and seek to improve the available forage for their bees by engaging in pollinator-friendly planting. By caring for their honey-bees, they are also creating rich and varied habitats for native pollinators, and the species who depend upon them. It is our hope that by creating these little "islands" of biodiversity, that the species who thrive there will be able to recover, multiply, and radiate outwards to replenish the degraded, human-dominated landscape.

Date: Wednesday, November 1st

Time: 6:00 pm

Location: Explorers Club Headquarters, 46 East 70th Street, New York, NY, 10021

Member Ticket Price: $15

Guest Ticket Price: $30

Reservation Notes:

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Reservations are allotted on a first-come, first-serve basis. To secure a reservation, please call us at 212.628.8383 or email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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