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Jarrod Jablonski and Casey McKinlay

For nearly two decades the Woodville Karst Plain Project (WKKP) has been leading cutting edge explorations in the caves of Northern Florida. These extreme expeditions have been featured in dozens of media outlets including newspaper, magazine and television reports. Over the last ten years this team has greatly expanded its impact while utilizing an international team of volunteers to highlight the declining environmental conditions of Florida Springs.

During the lecture, Explorers Club Fellows Jarrod Jablonski and Casey Mckinlay will focus and identify the unique hazards of exploring deep, underwater cave systems as well as the need to develop technology and procedures to accommodate the longest cave dives ever accomplished. The duo will identify numerous seemingly unassailable challenges as well as the means for managing the risk of such extreme exposures. A few of the challenges include managing the thermal and miscellaneous physiological problems associated with extreme and prolonged immersions (nearly 30 hours); overcoming life threatening decompression obligations and organizing/training a capable support team (who themselves are required to accomplish some of the longest dives in the world).

The proposed lecture will close with an overview of the near term challenges the team confronts while looking to substantially expand current exploration. The currently planned series of expeditions will push the WKPP team beyond their previous explorations and far beyond any cave exploration ever attempted. Having already connected two of Florida’s largest inland cave systems (now the fourth largest in the world), the team plans a massive series of dives in order to connect this cave to the Gulf of Mexico. The dive is likely to require exploration near 40,000 feet (total travel distance 80,000 feet) with immersions that could exceed 40 hours. These preparations required a notable rethinking of technology and physiological limits while working to establish the necessary ground work to support the next series of the world’s most extreme cave explorations.

Jarrod Michael Jablonski

Jarrod Jablonski is an avid explorer, researcher, author, and instructor teaching, and diving in oceans and caves around the world. Trained as a geologist, Jarrod is the founder and president of Global Underwater Explorers; GUE is international non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation and discovery of the aquatic realm. Jarrod is also the CEO of Halcyon Manufacturing and Extreme Exposure Adventure Center while remaining active in conservation, exploration, and filming projects worldwide. His explorations regularly place him in the most remote locations in the world, including several world record excursions at 300 feet during cave penetrations in excess of 25,000feet/7km; these dives include bottom times of 12 hours with total immersions of roughly 30 hours. Jarrod is also an author with dozens of publications, including a range of books and articles.

Casey McKinlay

Casey McKinlay is a renowned aquatic explorer with more than 20 years of active research and discovery experience. Casey is currently responsible for directing operations for the Woodville Karst Plain Project (WKPP) which is the most active and successful cave diving exploratory project in the world with more than one hundred members. The WKPP recently received a Resolution from Florida Governor Crist and the Florida Cabinet recognizing the project’s 20 year contribution towards underwater cave exploration and its work to protect Wakulla Springs. Casey and his diving partner Jarrod Jablonski hold several cave diving world records including the longest exploration dive into a flooded cave system at more than 5 miles requiring more than 28 hours underwater. Casey serves on the GUE Board of Directors, is a fellow of the Explorers Club and serves as an advisor to the Wakulla Springs Water Quality Working Group and Unit Management Planning Committee, promoting responsible use, study and protection relevant to water quality issues affecting Florida Springs. Casey, as part of Global Underwater Explorers, is involved in diving exploration and research projects worldwide including 3 recent cave diving expeditions to mainland China along with projects in Mexico, Europe, Florida and the Bahamas.

Date: 12/13/2010

Time: 6PM

Location: New York City Headquarters

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