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Voyager: the Interstellar Mission

The Voyager Spacecraft were launched in 1977 bound for a Grand Tour of the outer Solar System. After successfully visiting all four Jovian planets, the spacecraft hurtled onward. Now, after 35 years of traveling in space, they are finally reaching the edge of the Sun's influence to travel into true interstellar space. Join NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador Jason Kendall as he discusses the only spacecraft that will soon sail the winds between the stars.

Jason Kendall is the NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador for New York City. He holds a Master of Science in Astronomy from New Mexico State University and is currently adjunct faculty at William Paterson University. Kendall has led numerous "starwatching parties" and astronomy events in New York City, New Mexico, Minnesota and Texas. His interest in space began in the fourth grade with encouragement from two noted astronomers, Charles Schweighauser and Bart Bok. As he stared at Saturn through Charlie's telescope—at then Sangamon State University on a clear Illinois night—Bart encouraged him under those stars to study hard and come visit at Kitt Peak National Observatory. Kendall explains, “I finally did make it down there about a decade after Bart passed away, and I found the favorite spots in Tucson, Arizona, where Bart and his wife Priscilla would spend when they were not gazing at the stars. Bart and his wife were pioneers in the study of the Milky Way, and their studies of the starforming regions called Bok Globules. It's even in my family. My great-grandfather was a Midwestern minister who used to preach his sermons out under the dark, cloudless nights. He always believed that getting out and experiencing the wonders of the natural world was a central part of being human. My family has always been inspired by his words—We look up to look within."

Date: 1/14/13

Time: 6:00 Reception, 7:00 Lecture

Location: New York City Headquarters, 46 East 70th St., New York, NY

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