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NYC - Lecture Series w/ Jason Kendall

Breaking News, Yes, the Universe Really Did Begin 13.798 Billion Years Ago

This event will be streamed live. Please visit our Live Stream page at 7pm on the evening of the event to view the lecture for free.

This lecture will break some norms. It may be considered hard work by some – bear with us.

At the Explorers Club, we go a bit higher, a bit faster, a bit deeper. We go as far as we can. If a member climbs a hitherto unclimbed mountain, we may follow, either physically or vicariously – as far as we can.

Jason Kendall is returning to the club to help us follow the newest exploration of deep space and time: the recent discoveries of gravity waves. We all may not make it ‘to the top’ but we’ll follow all we can. So, grab your gear: you won’t need integral calculus but you might have to tolerate an equation or two.

The Big Bang has gotten a Big Boost. The recent results from the BICEP2 collaboration has shown new results that give even more support to the Big Bang. Back near the exact moment of birth of the universe, spacetime was radically curved and energetic. This created gravitational waves that have propagated through the universe since that time. The inflationary model of the Big Bang predicts a very specific shape and size of those waves, which the BICEP team claims to have seen. In this talk, we'll learn the basics about the Big Bang, and the problems with it that forced us to consider the Inflationary scenario. Then, we'll see what this scenario predicted and how it was observed. This talk will lead you on the path to see and understand the mathematics that shows how such things were derived. Join Jason Kendall, WPU's Astronomy Liaison Coordinator, as he takes you on trip far down the rabbit hole, and gets a glimpse of what it was like near the birth of the Cosmos.

Date: 05/12/2014

Time: 6:00pm Reception, 7:00pm Lecture

Location: NYC Headquarters, 46 E 70th Street, New York, NY, 10021

Member Ticket Price: Free

Guest Ticket Price: $20

Student Ticket Price:

Free to EC Student Members, $5 w/ a valid Student ID

Reservation Notes:

Reservations are secured on a first come, first served basis.

To make a reservation, please call 212.628.8383
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