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Sea Level: Geologic Past Predicts the Coming Crisis

Rising sea level is drawing increasing attention as the great ice sheets and glaciers melt at an accelerating pace. Most projections for what might occur this century and beyond are confusing and conflicting.

John Englander spent several years researching sea level rise to assemble a clear picture. His findings were published on October 22, 2012 in his new book High Tide On Main Street: Rising Sea Level and the Coming Coastal Crisis, receiving strong praise from dozens of experts.

By correlating millions of years of past sea level heights and global average temperatures, a stunning picture emerges. The past nearly assures an ominous future, though few have begun to appreciate the magnitude and implications. Sea level has changed little for the last six thousand years fooling our society into thinking that the coastline is rather permanent. The rock record proves that it moves up and down hundreds of feet in concert with the ice age cycles.

While there is growing awareness that humans are accelerating climate change, Englander presents an even more disturbing view: We have actually changed the climate pattern of the last tens of millions of years. In accordance with the natural cycle of the ice ages, we should have begun the path towards another ice age maximum, peaking in about 80,000 years. That phase in the cycle is characterized by cooling temperatures, expanding glaciers, and falling sea levels. Instead, the opposite is happening.

This public lecture will go beyond his feature article in the winter issue of the Explorers Journal, “In Sandy’s Wake.” It includes some graphical analysis not published in his book, which came out a week before Hurricane Sandy impacted the mid Atlantic region. Fortuitous timing indeed as he described a storm following exactly Sandy’s path, using it to illustrate the vulnerability of New York City and the surrounding region to a combination of factors all of which occurred on October 29.

John Englander has been a Member of the Explorers Club since 1984. He carried the Explorers Club Flag diving under the polar ice cap in 1985. For decades he was based in the Bahamas where he developed a premier diving operation. Following that he led two noteworthy nonprofits, The Cousteau Society and the International SeaKeepers Society. John lives in South Florida with his wife and daughter.

Date: 04/22/13

Time: 6:00pm Reception, 7:00pm Lecture

Location: New York City Headquarters, 46 East 70th St., New York, NY

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