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Public Lecture Series with Jan Reynolds

Ancient Himalayan Salt Trade: Exploring Indigenous Life

Join Jan as she solos the Himalaya, over the Nangpa La, 20,000', the highest trade pass on earth, while working for National Geographic magazine. Jan finds and travels with some of the last great yak caravans trading salt over this pass which leads into Nepal, and the origins of the Sherpas. Sher Pa means east people in the Tibetan language. Come discover with Jan how the Sherpas came to be in Nepal, and what their traditional, indigenous life was like before Nepal opened itself up to climbing and trekking expeditions back in the 1950's.

Then travel with Jan as she searches to find the traditional Tuareg in the Sahara, the original "blue men" of Africa, the great salt traders of the desert. The Tuareg were most successful running the camel caravans across the Sahara because they could mysteriously find water underground. Join Jan as she travels on camel back with the Tuareg known as the fiercest raiders in the desert, where the saying goes, “Only the scorpion and the Tuareg are to be feared." But the Tuareg are a matrilineal society, where the men wear veils, not the women. The women tend to own the property, and can marry and divorce them men.

After exploring these two indigenous cultures, involved in the ancient salt trade in the highest mountains and the largest desert on earth, we will travel with Jan to research and visit an indigenous culture on each continent to appreciate indigenous life on earth on a global scale, eventually coming back full circle to the Himalayan salt traders and our original exploration.

Jan Reynolds holds several world climbing and skiing records set around the world, many in the Himalaya. She was a member of the U. S. Biathlon team, and even took a hot air balloon over Everest as part of an award winning film, Flight of the Windhorse. (They crashed, but set a record in the process) Jan is a writer/photographer/author/lecturer who spends her time in these remote places getting her story. She has also produced a book series, Vanishing Cultures, among her 20 non-fiction award winning books published, and exhibits her fine art photography.

She has been a member of expeditions to: China, Tibet, Nepal, New Zealand, Australia, Lapland, Amazon Basin, Canadian Arctic, Mongolia, Sahara. Held the women's high altitude skiing record, sponsored by National Geographic.

One of America's best known and articulate spoke's person on mountaineering, Jan has appeared on ABC's Good Morning America, NBC's Today, National Public Radio, New York Times, Merv Griffen, Hour Magazine, three adventure films.

Date: Monday, January 8

Time: 6:00 pm Reception, 7:00 pm Lecture

Location: Club Headquarters, 46 E 70th Street, New York, NY, 10021

Member Ticket Price: $10

Guest Ticket Price: $25

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