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Young Explorers Program

Young Explorers Program

Summit 50x_All Rooms_All Day

Summit 50x_All Rooms_All Day

Young Explorers Program

Summit 50x - NY Catering

Summit 50x - NY Catering

Rolex - OWUSS Symposium

Annual OWUSS Symposium
2nd floor
Morning /afternoon event
Request by Dustin Longest on 4/4/18

Empowers Africa Event_Member’s Lounge and Second Floor

Sam Mehta - A Trilogy of Nations

Young Explorers Program

Spence School_Second Floor_Evening

Young Explorers Program

Hold - Adventure Canada Event

Polar Film Festival 2019

Polar Film Festival 2019

Polar Film Festival 2019

Young Explorers Program

Young Explorers Program

Herbert Gould_NYIOLIS Event

Public Lecture Series with Anthony Watts

Anthony Watts, Mountains in the Sea, September 3rd

Hold - Caving Event

Hold - Caving Event

Hold - Caving Event

Hold - Adventure Canada - Inuit Art Event

Visiting Explorer Program_Alvaro

Public Lecture_David Grann

Maya’s Wedding

Maya’s Wedding

Young Explorers Program

Friends Of Alta Fundraiser

Visiting Explorer Program_Ferguson

Public Lecture Series with Adrian Hayes

Hold - Sea Stories

Julie Russ Arizona State Second Floor

Christine Dennison Private Event_Second Floor

Visiting Explorer_Mark Wood_Head of English/Irish Chapter

Public Lecture Series with Daniel Taylor

Yeti - Ecology of a Mystery

Hold - Boy Scouts - Exploration Merit Badge event

Carl Safina Dinner Second Floor

LEWA Dinner

Public Lecture Series with George Kouronis

Angry Volcanoes, October 26th

Date: Monday, October 26

Charlie Wittmack Wedding

The 2018 Lowell Thomas Awards Dinner

Save the Date!

October 27, 2018

in Boston, MA

Nominate a Candidate for the Lowell Thomas Award!
Submissions due May 11

Hold - Chris Burkard Photographer Event

Ann Passer Hold - ask her for more info - visiting explorer set-up

Ryan Pyle, Chinese Turkistan

Hold - Space Stories 2018

Hold - Fergus Beeley Screening & Dinner - Gallery

Guenevere Domdom_The Gallery

Ann Passer_Possible Club Screening_Second Floor

Michael Palin (book sale and lecture) - Clark Room

50x Summit_All Day_All Rooms

50x Summit_All Day_All Rooms

Public Lecture - Sarah Yeomans

Barbara Haynes & Howard Wedding_Second Floor_Daytime

Hold - Wedding - Alessandra DeBenidetti

Christine Dennison

Visiting Explorer Program_Robert Nickelsberg_Gallery

Sean Holland_Non-Profit Organization Event

Michelle_Artist Dinner_Second Floor_Gallery

Club Closed - Columbus Day

Karen Brown Wedding

50x Summit_All Day_All Rooms

50x Summit_All Day_All Rooms

50x Summit_All Day_All Rooms

Cristina Haus_Second Floor_Evening

Sheikh’s Event

faanya - private - hold

See Britt

20 ppl, just the Lib/Terrace
Cocktail reception

hold - maud anniversary

see britt
2nd floor

50x Summit_All Day_All Rooms

50x Summit_All Day_All Rooms

Hold - Tim Palmer Rivers Event

Via Ann Passer - she is getting us more info soon

Robert Moore Daytime Awards Event_2nd Floor_Board Room

t- hold - field trip

see Ann

Faanya - Private Event

2nd floor
6 to 9

20 ppl
Cocktail party, see Britt

Public Lecture Series with Charles Peters - Managing the Wild

Managing the Wild

Norm Baker's Memorial Service - Clark Room - Daytime

Date: Saturday, September 15th

Grace Brown_Second Floor_Evening

Hold - Sean Sawyer - Clark Room Evening

Will request via email, on April 30

Michael Bruno_University of Hawaii Alumni Event_Second Floor

Young Explorers Program

Hold - Faanya Private Event - Arias on the East Side 2018

Beryl Consulting Group

Beryl Consulting Group

Club Closed - Labor Day

T-Hold - Jeannie & Anders Knudsen Rehearsal Dinner

Hold - Gracie Event - 2nd Floor - 2-6 pm

Hold - Columbia Mechanical Engineering Chair Summit


T-Hold - Dennis Shapiro - Wedding

Lina Constantinovici

Diedre Brennan_6-8:30

Hold - John Dema BSF Event

9th Annual Three Island BBQ - "The Journey Continues: Kon-Tiki"

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Watercolor by Steve Burnett MR '93

This year’s evening theme will be Thor Heyerdahl’s Kon Tiki journey to the Polynesian islands. Kon Tiki left Callao Peru on the afternoon of April 28, 1947 and arrived 101 days later traveling 4,300 miles to land at an islet off Raroia atoll in the Tuamotu group of Polynesian islands simulating what was believed to be pre-Columbian materials and technologies; the journey may have been the moon walk of its day. The Explorers Club flag was flown atop the balsa raft during its voyage. The Explorers Club 3 Island BBQ will celebrate this expedition featuring the food and drinks of a Polynesia BBQ, with dancing and music provided by one of New York’s best party DJs, Victor Lesser, a principal of Manhattan City Music. Victor is also a band leader and musician. Very casual island and summer attire is suggested. The two most originally dressed festive man and woman in the themes of Polynesia native dress or Kon Tiki’s Crew look alike will each receive a special door prize.

BBQ Feast from the menu include: Hors D’oeuvres such as Plantain Ribbons seasoned with cayenne & black pepper at the bar, Wahoo Tartare in plantain chip cup and Watermelon Radish Bite with smoked tofu, pickled habanero & edible flowers. The main course includes BBQ grilled Polynesian Pork Ribs, Sweet & Sour BBQ Chicken and Hamburgers served on martin rolls, also available will be vegan burgers with a large assortment of condiments to choose from including Polynesian grilled pineapple slices. Salads will include Farmers Market chopped salad and an Island Potato Salad. Pineapple Coconut Dessert bars and assorted mini cookies. Our featured cocktail will be a Polynesian Mai Tai served with light and dark rum and we will also feature a full premium bar and soft drinks.

House Committee Chair: Jonathan M. Conrad MED’87
Vice Chair: Rodney H. Brown MN’02
Committee: Deirdre B. Brennan MR’04, Kellie Gerardi MR’13, Shade Mazer SM’18 , and Gaelin A. Rosenwaks FR’06

Ticket price: $75 - after Friday, July 6th $80

Date: Thursday, July 12

Time: 6:00 pm Check-in and Cocktails, 7:00 pm Dinner Served

Location: Club Headquarters, 46 E 70th Street, New York, NY, 10021

Reservation Notes:

As this is one of our most popular events we encourage you to reserve your tickets now and invite guests. Guests may also make reservations by referring to a member friend’s name and using their own credit card (call the Club to make a reservation if you are a guest or friend).

To secure a reservation, please email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), or call us at 212.628.8383.

T-Hold Summer BBQ

See Conrad

T- Hold Summer BBQ

See Conrad

Visiting Explorer Program with Damien Mander

From Zimbabwe: Akashinga – Nature Protected by Women

Frontline Conservationist & Club Member Damien Mander to present with the Women Warriors of Akashinga: Nyaradzo Hoto and Petronella Chigumbura

Nyaradzo and Petronella’s story in Zimbabwe is an all too familiar one in rural Africa. One an AIDs orphan, the other a victim of serious domestic violence. Both divorced. Both abandoned and unable to support their children. They were not victims of circumstance. They were largely victims of men. Today they are proud wildlife rangers as part of International Anti-Poaching Foundations’s (IAPF) groundbreaking conservation program in Zimbabwe - Akashinga. Their children are in school and they are leaders in their local communities, shifting cultural perception on what women are capable of. Nine months since going operational on the front-lines of poaching in Zimbabwe’s lower Zambezi Valley, the team has made over 50 arrests, shattering local ivory poaching syndicates and paving the way for the future of their families and nature.

Akashinga (meaning the Brave One’s) is a new and innovative way of doing conservation in an industry where women are outnumbered on the frontlines to men by up to 100:1. The primary strategy of Akashinga is female empowerment. This generates the greatest leverage in family and community development and conservation becomes a direct beneficiary. The Nature Conservancy states: “A growing body of evidence suggests that empowering women is the single biggest force for positive change in the world today.”

The program employs 100% locally and invests 62% of all operating costs back into the community. This generates an economic alternative to a community that once relied on trophy hunting. Every 34 days, Akashinga is investing the same amount into the local community as what trophy hunting did per annum.

Building upon striking success in reducing rhino losses in Mozambique and drawing on the strong observed correlation between community empowerment/engagement and reducing wildlife crime, IAPF embarked on this ambitious program in the Lower Zambezi Valley. This is an area of significant elephant poaching pressure where highly militarised anti-poaching efforts have achieved limited success. By securing and supporting communities in and around areas set aside for trophy hunting, Akashinga is a new, holistic and sustainable model for large area wildlife conservation which avoids many of the undesirable side effects of traditional adversarial anti-poaching.

Akashinga is fiercely showing the world that women can fulfil the frontline job of a wildlife anger as good as their male counterparts, while showing poachers they mean serious business.

Click here to watch a four minute BBC feature on the program.

Damien Mander was an Australian Naval Clearance Diver, Special Operations Sniper and Iraq War veteran. He project managed the Iraq Special Police Training Academy in northern Baghdad preparing Iraq’s paramilitary forces for combat. In 2009 he founded the ‘International Anti-Poaching Foundation’ (IAPF) - a multi-national not-for-profit conservation organization working across Southern and East Africa. Damien is the founder of ‘Akashinga – Nature Protected by Women’, an all female conservation model in Africa, and ‘Back-to-Black Roots’, a grass-roots rural vegan moment in African communities. His 2013 TEDx talk on speciesism has been seen more than 7 million times across various platforms. He resides in Zimbabwe with his family.

Date: Monday, July 9

Time: 6:00 pm Reception, 7:00 pm Presentation

Location: Club Headquarters, 46 E 70th Street, New York, NY, 10021

Member Ticket Price: $10

Guest Ticket Price: $25

Reservation Notes:

Click here to purchase tickets online

Reservations are allotted on a first-come, first-serve basis. To secure a reservation, you may also call us at 212.628.8383 or email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Adventure Club - Corey - Happy Hour

Happy hour

40+ ppl

No Tour

See Britt

Robert Laidley

Garrett Bowden Event

Public Lecture Series with Mike Rampino

Did Comets Kill the Dinosaur?

The Role of Geological Cataclysms in Earth’s History

Global catastrophes can apparently come from above (impacts) and below (massive volcanism). The global atmospheric effects of impacts (dust clouds, soot clouds from wildfires, sulfur aerosols) can cause abrupt darkness and severe cold conditions leading to mass extinctions of life. Massive flood basalt eruptions can release large amounts of carbon dioxide (and possibly methane)—greenhouse gases that can cause a severe global warming—and halogens that can destroy Earth’s protective ozone layer, also leading to mass extinctions. The close correlation of mass extinction events in Earth’s history with times of large impacts and flood basalt eruptions supports this hypothesis.

In 1980, the scientific world was stunned when a maverick team of researchers proposed that a massive 6-mile diameter comet or asteroid strike had wiped the dinosaurs and other fauna from the Earth 66 million years ago. Scientists found evidence for this theory in a huge “crater of doom” on the Yucatan Peninsula, showing that our planet had once been a target in a galactic shooting gallery. Had it not been for that impact, mammals might have remained small furry creatures and not had the chance to evolve into all present-day mammals, including primates and homo sapiens.

The presence of Earth-crossing asteroids and comets in the solar system, and the occurrence of large impact craters on our planet mean that such impacts are a normal, recurring geologic process, which has been an important factor in biological and geological evolution on our planet.

What’s more, recent research has turned up evidence that the largest volcanic eruptions on Earth, producing lava flows covering more than a million square kilometers, can also have severe effects on climate leading to mass extinctions. The greatest mass extinction (in which 96% of species disappeared), which occurred 252 million years ago, coincides with a huge outpouring of lava in Siberia that covered an area the size of Texas. Volcanic emanations, of carbon dioxide and methane seem to have caused lethal global warming and a stagnant world ocean, as species died on land and in the seas.

Michael R. Rampino is Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies at New York University and is also a research consultant at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York City. His research has been concentrated in several areas including: studies of climate change on various timescales; the products and dynamics of volcanic eruptions and their effects on the global environment; and the relationship of large asteroid and comet impacts, and massive flood-basalt volcanism, with mass extinctions of life. He has done fieldwork on six continents. His most recent work has sought a connection between geologic events and astronomical processes, including encounters of Earth with dark matter in the Galaxy. Rampino’s interest in Astrobiology is evidenced by the text, “Origins of Life in the Universe”, co-authored with Robert Jastrow (Cambridge University Press, 2008), and a new book, “Cataclysms: A New Geology for the 21st Century” (Columbia University Press, 2017).

Date: Monday, June 25

Time: 6:00 pm Reception, 7:00 pm Lecture

Location: Club Headquarters, 46 E 70th Street, New York, NY, 10021

Member Ticket Price: $10

Guest Ticket Price: $25

Student Ticket Price: $5 with valid ID at the door

Reservation Notes:

Click here to purchase tickets online

Reservations are allotted on a first-come, first-serve basis. To secure a reservation, you may also call us at 212.628.8383 or email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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