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Exploring a century of Climate Change in Patagonia

Visiting Explorer Program with Cristian Donoso Christie & Paula Lopez Wood

In 2018, a team of explorers, photographers and documentalists sailed on a vessel to register the melting glaciers of Tierra del Fuego. It was the beginning of “Ice Postcards” project which aim to document climate change in Patagonia.

Based on the photographic archive that Italian and explorer priest Alberto de Agostini made in 1913-1914 in the area, Cristian Donoso and Alfredo Pourailly de la Plaza - leaders of the expedition - sailed to the exact sites where the photos were taken a century ago.

What the team found was unbelievable: not only the glaciers had notoriously retreated - some of them backed kilometers - but also nature had suffered deep transformations in all of it’s forms. From there, Cristian Donoso also climbed and carry the “TEC Flag” to two unexplored summits of the Darwin Mountain Range, Tierra del Fuego: Mount Stoppani and Dalla Vedova. Both of them registered no previous ascents.

In this talk, two members from “Ice Postcards” project - Cristian Donoso and Paula Lopez - will talk about the journey and will show the photographic exhibition that compares this uncharted territory within a century of difference.

Cristian Donoso is a professor from Unviersidad San Sebastian (Chile), a “ Rolex Awards for Enterprise” laureate and TEC Member since 2017. With more than 60 expeditions in Patagonia and Antarctica, he has become one of the most renowned expeditioners in South America, accessing and documenting uncharted territories never visited before by any human being. Cristian, a hardy explorer and sailor, has kayaked countless miles in rough waters in some of the most inhospitable places on earth, and kayaked more miles in Antarctica than anyone in history.

Paula Lopez Wood is a journalist and environmentalist who has focused on sharing the natural beauty of Patagonia and Antarctica in the world. She lives in New York and her work has been published in magazines from Chile and United States, books, travel guides and documentaries. She is the author of “The Big Melt”, and article about “Ice Postcards” project that will be published in the next “Explorers Journal” edition.

Cristian and Paula’s next expedition in Patagonia will be following the steps of famous American artist and adventurer Rockwell Kent, who at the beginning of XX Century sailed and painted the landscapes of Tierra del Fuego which he later portrayed in the book “Voyaging: Southward from the Strait of Magellan”.

Date: Tuesday, March 5

Time: 6:30 pm

Location: Club Headquarters, 46 E 70th Street, New York, NY, 10021

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