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Flag# 0 - Field Guide to Antarctic Features Expedition

Lawrence J. Conrad FN’91, accompanied by Ann Parks Hawthorne FN’87

Flag# 0 - 2003 Nam Theun–Annamite Mountain Expedition

Lee M. Talbot FN’57

Flag# 0 - Canadian Furthest North Climatic Studies

Joseph G. Frey FI’02

Flag# 0 - The Siskiyou Mariposa Lily: An expedition to determine the remaining extent of an endangered species

June 22–24, 2003

Michael F. Diggles FN’92

Download Report Here

Flag# 50 - Licancabur Expedition 2003

Gregory Kovacs FN’01

Flag# 60 - Antarctic Quest Expedition

Brian P. Hanson MED‘84

Flag# 61 - P-MAN V Expedition (Palau: Marines, Army, Air Force, Navy)

Patrick J. Scannon FN’96

Flag# 73 - Sierra de la Giganta in Baja California Sur, Mexico

James Clements FN’80

Flag# 74 - Humpback Whale Research Project II

Scott W. Hamilton FR’82, accompanied by Angela Barranco SM’02, Dan Bennett MN’02, Brian Hanson MED’84, Faanya Rose MI’94, Robert Rose PEX‘92

Flag# 85 - Costs of Long Distance Migration in Northern Elephant Seals

Richard F. Gantt FN‘98

Flag# 85 - Excavation of the Tomb in Temple XX with Mural-Covered Walls, Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico

April–September 2003

Merle Greene Robertson FN’90

Download Report Here

Flag# 103 - Antarctica 2003 Expedition

Robert Anderson FN’87, James Clash FR’99

Flag# 108 - Itajai Brazil 2003

Flag# 132 - R.M.S. Titanic Scientific and Photographic Expedition 2003

David G. Concannon FN‘96

Flag# 146 - Thomson-Ziegler Peruvian Andes Research Expedition 2003

Gary Ziegler FN’03

Flag# 151 - Ethnographic Rescue of the Badui Tribe of Java

David A. Bradt FI’90

Flag# 152 - The Steve Corey Memorial Expedition

William A. Phillips FI’00

Flag# 152 - Ecological survey of the penguins of Isla Noir, Southern Chile

Leonard A. Weakley, Jr. MN’97

Flag# 160 - Mountain of God Volcanic Expedition

Richard C. Wiese FR’89

Flag# 176 - The Narwhal Tooth Expedition

Martin T. Nweeia FN’99

Flag# 176 - Undiscovered 18th Century Spanish Navigation Routes in the New World

Hugh O’Neill MED’85

Flag# 189 - Easter Island Oral

Inga Boudreau FR’98

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Background image photography courtesy of members Christoph Baumer, Neil Laughton, Matt Harris and Don Walsh's image of the Bathyscape Trieste