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Announcing the 2015 Lowell Thomas Awardees

The Explorers Club proudly presents the 2015 Lowell Thomas Awards Dinner, Visionaries of Conservation: Paradigm Shifts in Protecting the Planet. This year, the Lowell Thomas Awards celebrate explorers who exhibit excellence and innovation in conservation, with emphasis on emerging techniques and technologies that meaningfully contribute to our knowledge of the world and how we protect it.

First awarded on the occasion of the Club’s 75th anniversary in 1980, this year the 22nd edition will honor the following individuals at the forefront of conservation science:

Mark Edward Hay, Ph.D., FN’15
An experimental field ecologist, Mark Edward Hay is revolutionizing coral reef conservation and management. Dr. Hay’s research involves learning to cure environmental collapse by discovering, translating, and understanding chemical communication among marine species, thus creating the foundations of the field of marine chemical ecology.

Robert Glenn Ketchum, FN’88
Robert Glenn Ketchum’s imagery, exhibitions, numerous publications, and personal activism have helped to define photography’s successful use in conservation advocacy. Ketchum’s vision for the role of art in promoting the protection of the planet throughout his illustrious career has contributed to pivotal shifts in the communication methods of science and conservation.

Federico M. Lauro, Ph.D., FI’15
Federico M. Lauro, Director of Indigo V Expeditions works to discover the ways in which microorganisms adapt and function to drive the ecological processes that are critical for sustaining the health of global marine environments. Dr. Lauro’s research has proven that a combination of innovative, cost-effective technologies and world cruiser involvement extensively broadens the scope of microbiological oceanography, driving the field into a new era of high output, high resolution, predictive science.

George Van Nostrand Powell, Ph.D.
Dedicating his career and life to conserving biodiversity around the globe, George Van Nostrand Powell is a pioneer in the application of new approaches and technologies in pursuit of conservation. Dr. Powell integrates his keen insights across animal behavior, field logistics, and the latest technology to push the boundaries of wildlife conservation.

Anne Savage, Ph.D.
Anne Savage is the Conservation Director for Disney’s Animals, Science and Environment at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. Dr. Savage’s multifarious studies in animal behavior and conservation biology are not only groundbreaking from a scientific perspective, but also for her programs’ infrastructure initiatives to educate and involve the indigenous population of conservation efforts, thereby ensuring the ongoing protection of surrounding natural habitats.

Gary A. Strobel, Ph.D., FN’05
The principal authority on all aspects of the study of endophytes, Gary A. Strobel is a distinguished microbiologist and naturalist. Dr. Strobel’s work has contributed forcefully, and uniquely, to the recognition of the necessity of conserving remote areas for the potential value of their species for medical applications towards human health and welfare.  His work nicely illustrates how strong scientific inquiry can help conserve the world’s natural resources.

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