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The Foundation Mamont - Explorers Club World Exploration Challenge

Deadline Extended to October 15, 2014

Call to all Full Members and Fellows!

$100,000 for Expeditions

We are proud to present The Foundation Mamont - Explorers Club World Exploration Challenge made possible through the generous support of The Foundation Mamont (Founder, Explorers Club Fellow Dr. Frederik Paulsen). All Explorers Club Members and Fellows in good standing are invited to apply for up to $100,000 toward a flag-worthy expedition in 2014-2015.

Click here to download the application, and read below to learn more about the requirements and conditions for applying. The deadline for applications is October 15th, 2014.

If you have any further questions, please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Dr. Paulsen is a dedicated and supportive Club Fellow and Honorary Director. For an exciting account of his expedition history, you can click here to read a profile from Forbes Magazine.

Yours In Exploration,

Alan H. Nichols
President, The Explorers Club

Club Fellow Frederik Paulsen and the 2007 Tara Arctic Drift Expedition



•  Only Explorers Club Members/Fellows are eligible to receive funding.  Qualified persons can apply for Membership at the time of grant application.  Upon submission and approval of their Membership Application, Foundation Mamont will pay for the first year’s dues of any new member applicants who are also the recipients of the World Exploration Challenge grant.

   Click here to learn how to become a Member

•  The expedition must also qualify as an Explorers Club Flag expedition prior to receiving funding.

   Click here to learn about the qualifications for Flag Expeditions

•  The expedition must take place in 2014-2015.

•  Applicants are encouraged, but not required, to include young explorers and at least one local collaborator as part of their team. 


•  Recipients of the grant are required to submit reports on a quarterly or more frequent bases regarding progress made in the course of preparing for and conducting the expedition.

•  Recipients of the grant must complete a comprehensive report within 6 months of completing the expedition.

•  Recipients of the grant will present the findings of their expedition at a media and member event to be held by The Explorers Club at Club Headquarters as the first class of “Foundation Mamont Explorers.”

•  Grants may be either a single grant or divided between multiple applicants. 

•  No applicant will be considered or approved if there is any direct communication by the applicant or the applicant’s agents with The Foundation Mamont or its principles. 

•  Representatives of the Foundation Mamont may or may not participate in some elements of the expedition(s) selected.

•  Payments may be made in installments at the discretion of The Explorers Club.


•  The World Exploration Challenge grant may not be used for indirect costs, salaries, fringe benefits, overhead, and other expenses not directly related to the expedition. Funds may not be used for travel to scientific/professional meetings or conferences, legal actions, land acquisition, endowments, construction of permanent field stations, or publication of research results.

•  The decisions of the donor will be final.

•  The expedition must be non-commercial in nature.  Commercial expeditions will not be considered for the World Exploration Challenge Fund; however, selected expedition(s) may receive partial corporate sponsorship.

Review of Proposals

•  The review and selection process will be completed in October and the grant recipients announced soon thereafter.  The Explorers Club reserves the right to make no grant and re-advertise the program.

•  Appropriate professionals in the applicant’s field may be consulted for advice.  Applications will be judged solely on the merit of the proposal, the abilities of the candidate and the team, and the appropriateness of the budget.

•  Reports of previous expeditions including edited video or film, photographs, articles, illustrations and artwork may strengthen your application.

•  Expeditions should show consistency with the Club’s stated objectives to broaden world knowledge of field sciences.

To Apply

Applications must be received by the deadline and filled out in full to be considered. 

We must have a complete application in order to begin the review process. Please provide all requested information completely and succinctly. Incomplete applications will not be considered. The review team depends on the information in this form to evaluate an applicant’s qualifications. All material submitted becomes the property of The Explorers Club and will not be returned.

You can download the application PDF by clicking here. You may also email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to request an application or if you have any questions concerning the application.

OCTOBER 15, 2014

Published by : EC Staff

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