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Annual Dinner Media Summary

As many of our fellow explorers continue to re-live the excitement, enthusiasm and camaraderie shared at Oceans: Current of Life ECAD weekend, we wanted to share with all of our worldwide members the highlights of our ECAD media coverage.

As you review the links below, be sure to make note of ECAD 2017: Cold Places.

We are starting our planning early and encourage your ideas as we move forward. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and share your thinking on this exciting theme.

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Ted Janulis

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•  New York Times: Women in the World - Ariel Field
The women of the Explorers Club celebrate expeditions to the ocean depths

•  National Geographic Adventure
For One Night, an Explorer’s Life Is Actually Glamorous” 

•  TIME for Kids - Jaime Joyce
A Taste for Adventure

•  Bloomberg Radio
Taking Stock

•  CBC - Amy Husser
Will eating invasive species help us deport them?”

•  Popular Science - Grennan Milliken
At The Explorers Club Annual Dinner, Invasive Species Are On The Menu

•  The Atlantic - Elizabeth Prescott
Eating Iguana at the Explorers Club

•  Adweek Fishbowl NY - Richard Horgan
Vice Reporter Samples the Iguana Meatballs

•  VICE Munchies - Alex Swerdloff
I Ate Iguana and Venomous Lionfish with New York’s Elite
Also featured on Daily VICE

Published by : Explorers Club Staff

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