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Finding Fort Congaree II

David Brinkman MN‘08, Chair of our Greater Piedmont Chapter, has proudly announced the successful excavation of an 18th century fort near the Congaree River in Cayce, S.C. In coordination with Jonathan Leader and John Hunt of the University of South Carolina, the team discovered “this particular fort, which would have been visited by well-known Revolutionary War figures such as Thomas Sumter, Andrew Pickens and Isaac Huger, was small, between 150 and 200 square feet, but served as the base for a garrison of approximately 100 people around the time of the French and Indian Wars.”

Carrying Flag #147, the excavation could be considered among the first Joint Chapter Expeditions, with Greater Piedmont, Atlanta, and Rocky Mountain Chapter members participating. In particular, Brinkman was keen to thank “a core group that has been there on almost every dig: Jon Leader, John Fisher, Jacob Borchardt, Dean Hunt, DC Locke, and Odess Brinkman. There were also Explorers that came from far away to take part in a couple of the digs: Julie and Alex Wallace, Linda and Jim Alexander, Don Chenoweth, and Steve Pigott.”

You can click here to learn more about the dig on the University of South Carolina’s website. We would like to congratulate David on this collaborative effort, and look forward to continued discoveries from the site.

Photo: Volunteers under the supervision of Carolina archaeology professor and state archaeologist Jonathan Leader hunt for evidence of Fort Congaree II, which had been lost to history for more than 100 years. Courtesy of


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