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Flag #222 and the Quest for the Santa Maria

In the spirit of exploration and discovery, The Explorers Club is proud that one of its Fellows, Barry Clifford, carried a coveted Explorers Club “Expedition Flag” as he pursued his determined quest to locate the remains of the Santa Maria, lost on Christmas Day, 1492.

The Explorers Club “Flag” is only carried by expeditions following a formal and extensive review and with strict requirements on documenting the exploratory effort upon its completion. Mr. Clifford’s expedition “Quest for the Santa Maria” received Flag 222 which is one of our four new specially commissioned marine flags and this expedition was its “maiden voyage.” For Clifford and his team, the ultimate verification of his under-sea discovery will be determined by scientific analysis, but his tireless effort is in the true spirit of The Explorers Club, and we salute him for it.

As our members know, Explorers Club “Expedition Flags” have been carried by astronauts to the Moon; to the top of Mt. Everest; to the North and South Poles; to the deepest depths of the Ocean; and to the most remote points on earth. Since 1904, when the Club was founded, hundreds of “Expedition Flags” have been awarded and carried to the far reaches of the planet and beyond, with an archive of detailed reports on each expedition available for academic and scientific review.

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