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Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s StarTalkRadio Profiles Club Fellow

Our own Jim Clash FR’99 has recently been interviewed by Stacey Severn over at StarTalkRadio. The interview ranges from Clash’s beginnings in exploration, his interest in space and impending flight aboard SpaceShipTwo, as well as his aspirations for future expeditions.

Here is an excerpt from the piece regarding flight aboard SpaceShipTwo and advice from those who have been there before:

STR: You talk to a lot of astronauts. They know you’re going – what’s their advice?

JC:  Well, it’s different. Awhile back they were more like, “Jim, that’s never going to happen, and it’s dangerous.” Now, with SpaceShipOne having won the X Prize in 2004 and, more recently with SpaceShipTwo’s supersonic flight, I think even some of the hardened NASA astronauts are beginning to say, “You know this could work, this could happen.” Then there’s the other group that’s always been excited. Their advice is really two words: “the view.” Don’t worry about weightlessness, that will be cool. But it’s really the view you’re paying for. They also warn not to take this lightly – it is risky – and to make sure you prepare. To them, all of whom have done orbital flights, this is really no big deal. But to me, it’s huge. I’ve also asked them, “Would you do it if they gave you a free flight?” and most say, “Yeah, if they gave me a FREE flight.”

A photo Jim took while 84,000 feet up in a MiG-25 Foxbat fighter jet.

Published by : Kevin Murphy

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