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President’s Video Report - World Oceans Week

The summer season of exploration got off to an exciting start in June as The Explorers Club hosted its first ever World Oceans Week alongside and in cooperation with the United Nations Ocean Conference.

As the U.N. hosted thousands of scientists, researchers, artists. and explorers from around the world for days of intensive dialogue on the importance of preserving our oceans ecosystems and resources, The Explorers Club and its extraordinary members hosted scores of Oceans Week attendees from early morning to late at night with a series of prominent lectures, film screenings and social programs designed to enhance the total Oceans Week experience.

We invite you now to join Explorers Club President Ted Janulis for an exciting “up close and personal” look at the important role your Explorers Club played in Oceans Week.

World Oceans Week Participants

Daily Breakfast Panels

Monday 5th - Art & Communication

Dimitri Deheyn - Marine Biology Research Division, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Sylvia Earle - “Her Deepness” - Founder of Mission Blue, Nat Geo Explorer-In-Residence
James Prosek - Artist & Author, Trout: An Illustrated History
Patricia Ricard - President, Paul Ricard Institute of Oceanography

Tuesday 6th - Protected Areas

Chris Fischer - Founder and Chairman, OCEARCH
Carl Safina - Founding President, The Safina Center
Stephanie Wear - Senior Scientist and Strategy Advisor at The Nature Conservancy

Wednesday 7th - Corals

David Guggenheim - President, Ocean Doctor
Narrissa Spies - Native Hawai’ian and grad student at University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Force Blue Veterans - Coral Reef Conservation

Thursday 8th - Robotics & Technology

Keith Ellenbogen - Photographer and Resident, Arts at MIT
Oliver Steeds - Founder and Mission Director of Nekton, Investigative Journalist & Broadcaster
Tim Taylor - CEO of Tiburon Subsea Services, Inc.

Friday 9th - Plastics & Marine Debris

Doug Woodring - Co-founder of the Ocean Recovery Alliance
Ethan Edson - Marine Research Center, Northeastern University, inventor of the “Mantaray”
Karen Raubenheimer - Public Law, Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security (ANCORS)
Melati & Isabel Wijsen - Sisters and student co-founders of Bye Bye Plastic Bags

TBA21-Academy Session 1

Monday, June 5 - 2-6p

A Poetic Pacific Introduction
Rosanna Raymond
, Acti.VA.tor, SaVAge K’lub

The Explorers Club: Into The Future
Ted Janulis
, President, The Explorers Club

The Ocean As Narrative
Christopher Myers
, Writer-Illustrator

The Artist Through The History Of Oceanography – In conversation
D Graham Burnett
, Historian, Amphibian
Mark Dion, Artist

Implementing Strategies For Change – Panel discussion
Margaret Leinen
, Director, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Neil Davies, Zoologist & Executive Director, UCB Gump Station
Dayne Buddo, Marine Biologist, Alligator Head Foundation
Françoise Gaill, Emeritus Research Director, CNRS
Dee Kyne, Chairperson, Alligator Head Foundation

Seeing The Ocean: Marine Creatures Perspective
David Gruber
, Marine Biologist & Professor, City University of New York

Art On The Ocean
Joan Jonas
, Artist

Remarks on Ocean Conservation
Thomas Esang “Tommy” Remengesau, Jr
, the President of the Republic of Palau

The Art Of Exploration
Francesca von Habsburg
, Founder & Chairperson, Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary (TBA21)

Climate Change And The Ocean
Walter Munk
, Professor of Geophysics, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

TBA21-Academy Session 2

Tuesday, June 6 - 2-4p

Ancestral Knowledge In Modern Exploration
Dieter Paulmann
, Chairman, Okeanos

Broadcasting From The Field
Mark Dalio
, Founder & Creative, Alucia Productions

Citizen Science Exploration
David Lang
, Co-founder, OpenROV

Inciting Knowledge Production
Markus Reymann
, Director, TBA21–Academy

Exploring Hope
Sylvia Earle
, President & Chairperson, Mission Blue

Additional Programming

Monday, June 5 - 6-8p
Paul Nicklen
Cristina Mittermeier

Tuesday, June 6 - 6-9p

“Sea of Hope” Film Screening and Q&A
Director/Producers Bob & Sarah Nixon
Nat Geo photographer Brian Skerry

Wednesday, June 7 - 6-8p

The Ocean Elders -
Sylvia Earle
Walter Munk
Cathy Novelli
Ted Turner

Thursday, June 8 - 6-9p

My Ocean Pledge - Children of the UNESCO marine world heritage sites reception
Dr Fanny Douvere
, Coordinator, Marine Programme, World Heritage Centre, UNESCO

Children from Marine World Heritage Sites:
•  Lord Howe Island Group, Australia
•  Ningaloo Coast, Australia
•  Wadden Sea, Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands
•  Banc d’Arguin National Park, Mauritania
•  Aldabra Atoll, Seychelles
•  iSimangaliso Wetland Park, South Africa
•  Sanganeb Marine National Park, Sudan
•  Gough and Inaccessible Islands, United Kingdom
•  Everglades National Park, USA
•  Glacier Bay, USA
•  Papahānaumokuākea, USA

Published by : Explorers Club Staff

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