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The Explorers Club - Fjällräven Field Grant

The Explorers Club and Fjällräven share a common goal of understanding the world we live in by supporting and promoting a sustainable future through exploration and research. Furthermore, Fjällräven’s mission is to enable and inspire more people to spend time in nature by creating products that are of minimal impact to our environment and that will withstand a lifetime of use. 

This common vision has led to the creation of The Explorers Club - Fjällräven Field Grant “We Love Nature” grant which will aid in continued exploration and research that helps us better understand our environment, a changing climate, and how it is intertwined with wildlife and civilizations around the planet.

We are seeking young explorers who are working on sustainability, wildlife, and climate to educate and inspire the next generation of conservationists and explorers. The Explorers Club - Fjällräven Field Grant will award two recipients $5,000 each to aid in sending extraordinary young explorers into the field to conduct critically important research.

Proposals must include a focus of saving the preciousness of nature and how the recipient will make a lasting impact on younger up and coming generations who will continue to carry the message. Candidates should present their project proposal with a concise scientific rationale, provide an original approach, and show potential for discovering new findings that significantly impact the future of our environment.

Additionally, candidates should focus on providing an authentic application about who they are and why this project is important to them based on their passions. We want to see you as yourself, so be original and think outside the box when you submit your application.

Applicants must visit and create a username and password in order to apply.

Applications must be submitted by January 28, 2019.

Fieldwork must be completed by January 31, 2020.

Eligibility Criteria Include:

  • •  Students currently enrolled in a College / University undergraduate (Bachelor) or graduate (Master or Doctoral) degree program;
  • •  Or post-doctoral student within two years of their doctoral degree at the time of award;
  • •  Or young explorers focused on environmental scientific research (age 18 – 35 years old at time of award).
  • •  Awardees will be announced at The Explorers Club Annual Dinner, (ECAD) March 16th 2019

Requirements of Grant Recipients:

  • •  If technologically feasible, monthly Skype dialogue and touch-base to present updates. Recipients are required to provide regular updates about their work until the final report is submitted.
  • •  Awardees are obligated to give at least one post-expedition presentation mutually agreed upon date and location.
  • •  Expedition recap, trajectory of work being performed, and final report submitted to The Explorers Club. Report guidelines to be shared with winners.
  • •  If feasible, the grant recipient(s) will come to New York for the weekend of March 16th 2019 and be a guest at the Fjallraven table during ECAD. The grant recipient(s) will present their upcoming expedition proposal or findings, either formally or informally, with guests.
  • •  Post-expedition, provide a slideshow for presentation, including photographs and/or video that may be used or presented in forms with Fjallraven’s clients and retail partners.
  • •  Provide a two-minute video, Instagram posts, and POP images sharing progress of field work (all rights of Fjällräven).
  • •  Grant Recipient(s) will be invited to attend a meet and greet at a Fjällräven Flagship store to give a public presentation about his or her findings.
  • •  24 Social Posts (2/month) and 4 blog public. (A recap of what have you done in past 3 months).

Please visit and create a username and password to apply!

The Explorers Club complies with all regional, national, and international requirements.

Published by : Explorers Club Staff

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